T2 Triage Apostle


3.3b it is, send it my way

Are you online right now?

contract is up, please accept

This is third time you “bought” this ship and never accepted contract and stopped responding.

Contact me immediately or im reporting this.


I’ll take it for 3b if it’s still available. Will be a couple hours to accept the contract but I will as soon as I am home.

3,2b and its yours

3b the best I can do considering where it is.

its in NPC station, fueled and ready to go.
3,2b is lowest i can do

3.2b for me

sold, setting contract

contract up


@Luko_Melis ill take it for 3.2b, ill accept it within the next 10 hours after if its up to me when i wake up

its already sold

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