Delete please no longer forsale

Selling my self.
*88.7mil sp
*No kill rights
*Station jita moon 4 cal navy
*Positive security status
*Positive wallet
*no implants
*no jump clones
*transfer will be paid for by me

*Gallante, mimnatar and caldari t1 up to battleships trained.

*t2 frigs are Gallante and mimnatar

*Hacs, Hics, logi, force recon, combat recon Gallante, mimnatar and caldari trained

*command ships Gallante and mimnatar with 12 command skills trained 9 of those to level 5.

*flys a sin and kronos t2 battle ships

*flys statigic cruiser Gallante and mimnatar with caldari injected.

*basic Gallante dreadnought pilot

*armorskills - 10 injected and 9 are level 5
*drones - 15 injected and 12 are level 5
*electronics - 11 injected and 3 to level 5
*engineering - 13 injected and 10 to level 5
*fleet support - 12 injected and 9 to level 5
*gunnery- 29 injected and 14 to level 5
*missiles - 13 injected and 6 to level 5
*navigation - 13 injected and 6 to level 5
*rigging - 9 injected and 1 to level 5
*scanning - 7 injected 1 to level 5
*science - 3 injected 1 to level 5
*sheilds - 10 injected 7 to level 5
*space command - 41 injected 15 to level 5
*subsystems - 12 injected 8 to level 5
*targeting - 8 injected 3 to level 5

This pilot has alot of skills injected and ready to train with alot of them already level 3-4.

Also the characters kill board is great.

Starting bid 45bil
Buyout 60bil
Auction will run untill the buyout is met or an offer is accepted.

50 b offer

Thank you for the offer I will now set auction end for Wednesday 7pm with the first offer on the table.

Daily bump, 2 days left 50bil offer will be accepted Wednesday at 7pm.

52b offer

No longer for sale decided to keep this and strip my alt of sp instead

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