WTS Born 2003 Female Gallante Battleship Pilot - 17.7m SP

Born 2003 (Just over a month after launch)
1 Yearly remap
3 bonus remaps
Located Jita
In NPC corp.
4.3 sec level
0 Kill Rights.

Last time i went to sell this character, was offered 20b, not sure if prices have changed, haven’t been on in 3 years and want to see if there’s any interest in my character. This character is not socially linked to anyone in game with me not playing it at all really apart from doing some t2’s.

Thread reopened.


Any bids can start them off at 17B?

I’ll throw an offer for 14.5B

I bid 1 isk. (not a scam 2024 comfirmed!!!11111)

17b b/o only today

What is your final price?

20 BIL