WTS Born 2003 Female Gallante Battleship Pilot - 16.6m SP

Born 2003 (Just over a month after launch)
1 Yearly remap
3 bonus remaps
Located Jita
In NPC corp.
4.3 sec level
0 Kill Rights

You’ll get all assets with the account which i’m not including in the cost of the character things like damage controls worth around 45m by themselves, some other ships, id say the personal assets excluding the gila maybe worth around 100mill. Fully kitted gila i was doing t2’s in worth around 350m ISK. I just couldn’t be annoyed selling gathering up assets and selling them myself.

I’ve only returned after like over 10+ years, so this character is not known to anyone anymore which i think is a bonus to the new buyer.

Wallet will be 0 ISK not negative.

Open to sensible offers.

Thanks for looking.

8 Bil

Thanks for your offer Jezz, wouldn’t accept that figure though sorry.

Damn I remember a time when these pilots went for double their sp. now its half crazy times we live in.


10 billion isk

Looking higher than that Fried, but thanks for the bid.

11 billion isk

be my friend OP

Melissa Badger is friendless my friend. :rofl: - Fried I’m looking more.

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12 billion isk

Is that the highest you’ll go?

I will consider your bid Fried (if it still stands), i was hoping for a bit more though.

12 billion isk bid still stands, confirmed the deal and I send you isk and account info , for transfer of Melissa Badger to my account.

No problem, thanks, just want to give this another day or two. Then I’ll let you know.

Ok, sounds fine.

Going to decline the bid Fried, sorry but doing more research I believe it’s worth more. I’m in no rush to sell it either.

2003 char 4mil sp someone offered 18b

2003 char 260k sp sold for 13b

Yea I knew I was not going crazy

Yeah and my character is actually older than those, my character was made 1 month after EVE launch with a lot more SP. Being back I’m not fully caught up to speed lol…

ur pilots owrth like 40 bil or more for that age dont sell low