(SOLD) WTS/WTA 2003 character

Birth date 11/28/2003
Male Minmatar
Positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, located in Perimeter.
No PVP history, yes you can get a clean slate!
11.7k skill points with 249k unallocated.
3 bonus remaps available
buy out 13bil
Would like to sell within 2 weeks

I will start you off with 4b

I will pay 10B today only offer expires at 0200 Eve time

5B here

If you take 5B, I will start to send the mail of account info and isk. @Rozenthal

6.0 B here

Thank you for the offers, I have added a buyout off 13bil

I give you 13 bil! Now!

I will accept your isk for this character, please send isk to this character and acct info and I will start transfer process

isk + account info was sent

I have received isk and transfer info. I will begin acct transfer

Thank you, sir!

Character transfer has been started,

I got e-mail from CCP - thank you!

your welcome, enjoy!!

Toon was received, thank you!

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