WTS - 131m SP - Exploration/Mining/PvE/PvP (2007) SOLD


After eleven years the time has come to end the adventure and move on. I want this guy to find a new home and continue his journey.

pass: txv1

• No Capital skills.
• Positive wallet.
• No Kill Rights.
• A single JC placed in high sec.
• Character is docked in Jita 4-4.
• Current stats: 23,23,23,23,24. Remap available.
• Several SKINs injected, including Hostile Takeover for Worm.
• Corp history - High sec and 0.0 NRDS years ago.

Price: 110b
Different offers are welcome.

i’ll pay 110b for this character.

you’ll need to post with the character to confirm it’s sale however

Sure thing. Sorry i forgot about that :wink: I’m accepting the offer!

Excellent sending isk and account name via eve mail now.

ISK received. Character Transfer activated.

Email of transfer Received
Much thanks
Fly Smart

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