Delete Please

+5 implants
No kill rights
No bounties
Located in High Security Space in a station
I’ll pay the transfer fee
All CCP rules apply, all characters have a positive wallet.
Contact rebelkiwi ingame for faster reply

you have to post with the character being sold at the very least in a reply confirming it is for sale. Also this is not an exumer pilot it is missing mining barge lvl 5 which is required to actually pilot the exhumers having exhumers 1 does not change that.

I was wondering the same. Does eveskillboard differentiate between Alpha and Omega? Perhaps the skill is trained, but clone is Alpha (so only showing what skills they can use in their clone state?)

If this is not the case, you and I gotta have a chat there, Mr. RebelKiwi lol

edit* still no sign of Rochelle just to keep you posted

@HateMach1ne no eveskillboard i just the raw stats it is the actual game that differentiates and the skills are still trained but just locked from use. i have some that went alpha and omega only skills still show also if that where the case his exhumers lvl 1 would not show up either. exhumers can also be trained without barge 5 just need that barge 5 to actually get into them and barge 1-4 is also omega only.

@Purple_Avocado_Toast ah, I see. Thank you!

there’s extra skill points there to make it lvl 5 barge anything else don’t worry about how many post ive put up loser

use the extra sp thats unallocated don’t listen to that muppet

about half way there still not gonna get there. also still need to have the character being sold post to prove you own it.

son run along ain’t got time for your mind games

try reading the rules only trying to save you from your thread being locked, guess you on your own.

I’m really not worried about it. You listed and posted as each character in your original ad. They’re very easy to reference. You’ve linked me screenshots of the transfer request. You were immediate and transparent at every step, updating your posts at each step and as each person bought from your original 4 characters. Sure, it’d be nice if they were able to fly exhumers, but with proper remap alone, they’re only 15ish days to get mining barge 5 from 4. That, plus unallocated sp will speed it up. Or if you truly feel guilty by your crimes… you can just send on over an injector with whatever sp remain to get MB5. :wink:

guilty of what dude haha god you know i’ve done everything right in other posts and that guy is just being a little troll like i said ignore him

It’s all good bro. Was being facetious. “crimes” lol Was messin.

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