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An ideal corp for players who know a bit of pvp but are rusty, or are developing and want an unpressured home in 0-0 to shoot things from.

still open

talk to us and see what we are up to

We are still open for the right type of pilots

Check us out lads

check us out

we are still open

Guess what we are open and looking for burner runners

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We are an active corporation in 0.0 space.

feel free to visit our brand new website

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Hi, returning to EVE after a long time.
I lived in WH for a while, mainly ratting as logi pilot.
Would like to specialize to logi again, but need to have a remeber few things :slight_smile:

Fly safe and dscan!

Hi there

Just join our discord and lets talk some.

we are still open for new piltos

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We are recruiting both industrial and combat pilots.

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We are still open

We are still open and atm we are in need of a few skirmish fcs to join our family.

And by joining you will get a full guristas clothing set:)

Dont play the blob, tidi, sov blue doughnut gameplay.

Play the game to have fun and avoid all the bs they tend to bring into your game experience.

Join morts now