Delete please

isk received. i will start transfer via char transfer ticket. it can take 24 hr are you okey with that ?

Yes and thank you!

lol we cant transfer char with in game plex anymore i think. i just realized. can you accept 11,5+1 bil for this issue. im sorry i cant pay 20 dolar.

you cannot transfer that way… it has to be paid through CCP via $20

I see. It’s okay, things happen. Thanks and good luck

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2021.10.12 22:50 Player Donation -12.700.000.000 ISK 73.716.071 ISK Lex Wolfek deposited cash into Sophie Barbossa’s account

i just send back +1,2bil. i didnt know that. i was bought this characters via in game plex. i mean sellers transfered toons with ticket. i hope ccp wont think it is a scam. if they do, i dont care. who wants to give 20 dolar for char transfer i dont understand. its not fair. ‘‘20 dolar’’ is different thing american (or european) and turkish people between

the plex transfers from what I understand were manually done by the GM’s… they officially stopped supporting it Feb 2020. Before then, they were doing it for those who wished to still do it without paying $20… now paying real cash to transfer is the only way since i think it’s automated where at plex transfer was not.

which is why in one of the posts i mentioned asking you to post with all the characters for sale, that it was going to cost you $160 USD to sell them.

yes my bad. I thought you didnt know you can transfer your char with plex. i was ignored you. my fault i didnt check rules. when someone wants to buy a toon, i was start to look some informations and here we are.

nwm im done with this game. fly safe all 0/