This describes me. Hit me up when you’re on, added you as a contact.

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You got it brother!
I’m at work at the moment.
I’ll catch up with you later this afternoon.

What timezone are you looking to cover as you start?

Well live east coat US, est tz… BUT, I work swing shifts so I play all time zones depending on the shift I’m working that week.
My goal is to hopefully get enough guys on board to cover all time zones…
We may have to run public fleets for a bit to get numbers and recruit. I dunno…
So if you’re interested, jump in!
If you know others that are BLOPS , CovOps capable and want to break free of the norm bring them with you.

I am just getting back into the game after some time off and i am looking to either go out and solo for a while or find a small group. I’m also us est tz and am interested in a nomadic small man gang so ill be hanging out in your public channel so we can chat more.

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Still recruiting

Up she goes!
Still Recruiting BLOPS /CovOps Pilots!
AND BLOPS focused Corps !

Still Recruiting !!!

Still Recruiting

Still looking for BLOPS pilots!

Still recruiting BLOPS pilots!

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