Delete plz

Looking for a High Skilled Miner and builder. With Level 5 Drone skills and the ability to mine all ores in-game and reprocess them too. I do have a decent budget 30- 40 B or more for the right charecter


I am currently online

Offline now

Would consider selling my alt, will post here with him and line him up with all requirements if you’re interested. Rorquals, JF’s, can use most any drone and is about 30 days from having all reprocessing to V except Trig ores and ice. Probably would need closer to 50b for him though.

Fyi, youd need to log in with said char to properly sell it

Am very much aware, is why I said I would log him in and line him up with all the requirements if he was interested…

Closed to request of Op.