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All fitting skills maxed (for an alpha pilot)

Defensive base stat skills maxed (shield, armor and hull total ammount % skills. Shield is at 4/5 because of alpha)

Trained into drones and missiles. Drones 5, light drones 5, rockets 5.

Next remap available Dec 14th, 2018 with 2 bonus remaps available.

No killrights, Located in Jita 4-4, positive wallet (approx 150k), no bounties, no jump clones

(Actual SP total is 4,999,827 Unable to train any other skills as it would put the char over 5 mil)

4.5b isk ready

Sure, sounds good to me.

Only one thing, I’ve not done this before so I am unsure how how to do it

You will have to pay the character transfer to the new “Account” after he send the isk to the Character that is being sold that you will send to one of your other account(s) ( This is what i get from the rules that i’ve read )

@Tikara_Nakumoso I’ve transferred the ISK to you and mailed you the name of my account to transfer the character to.

Please let me know once you have begun the transfer.

Thanks! :smile:

Unfortunately something came up and I am unable to sell at this time.

All isk has been transferred back to Biz Wiz and an ingame mail sent.

Sorry about this =/

@Tikara_Nakumoso OK, if you change your mind at some point in the future, let me know.

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