WTS 35m skills Pilot

1million unallocated skill points
sitting in jita 4-4

Noteworthy Skills :
Gallente Cruiser V
Heavy Assault Cruisers IV
Caldari Battleship V
Marauders IV
Caldari Dreadnought III
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V

I pay the transfer fee

starting bid 20b
buy out 30b

Skill Links

Missile skills: bad
Navigation skills: bad
No rigging skills
Bad shield skills
Rnd ishtar skills with bad drone skills

I can offer you 12b. You have to train a lot with this char before you can use it.

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Sorry,I can’t accept this offer.
12b can only buy 15m skills

I see your concerns regarding this offer.
I can increase to 15b but thisnis max.

Normally you buy very specialized chars. In thise case we have a bad ishtar pilot and and a bad Pheonix pilot + missing support skills. You should ask yourself why would someone spend that much money for a char that he has to skill anyway?

But I totally understand your first reaction to it

You can make at least 24b by skill extracting this character’s skills, and you need like 500 plex worht of $$ for the transfer yourself.
Dont take anything below that :slight_smile:

**Otherwise, accept something close to that price target.

Thank you for reminding me.

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不客气 !

If you are selling a “Phoenix Pilot” then its barely worth 12bil for the reasons stated. If you are selling a NS crab char. then yeh 24b is the floor.

my fault


Please stick to the english language in this Forum Category.


Last updated bid of 18bil

Sorry,I can’t accept,too cheap including transfer fee.

24b bid