WTS 41.6m pilot - strong base skills

I’m for sale.

Skill overview

  • Near perfect projectile gunnery skills
  • All gunnery support skills lvl 5
  • Near perfect navigation skills
  • Very good engineering and decent drone skills
  • Marauders lvl 5
  • Torpedoes lvl 5
  • Cybernetics lvl 5
  • Minmatar frigate/cruiser/BC/BS all lvl 5
  • Gallente frigate/cruiser/BC all lvl 5
  • Covert ops lvl 5

Other bonuses

  • Mid-grade crystal set with projectile “05” implants
  • Yearly remap: 1
  • Bonus remaps: 2
  • Security status: 5.0

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Anouishka
Pass: 123

Pilot has positive wallet and is located in high-sec.

Great base skilled pilot for sale who could easily fill multiple roles for PvP, or PvE marauder ratting etc.

Start: 35b

35 bil

36 B isk

36.5 bil

37 bil

38 bil

39 B Isk

Thanks for offers all, I’m ideally looking for 42b B/O.

From me the maximum is 40 B isk only today until. 11:00 (eve time).

@Michael_Gogolowski Thanks, I’ll consider this and let you know before 11:00 eve time.

@Michael_Gogolowski As we’re getting close to 11:00 Eve time and I’m not wanting this sale to go on for days, please consider your 40b isk accepted.

Please send ISK to this character along with a message for the account name to transfer to. I’ll start transfer at 17:15 eve time (not at my computer currently).

40 B Isk I have sent to your account and message with the account name for the character transfer.
Please write when you start the transfer.

Transfer in progress.

Character I received and thank you for the transaction.

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