SOLD_WTS 114M PVP pilot

NPC Corporation
10M isk wallet balance

No kill rights
Security status 0.3

Located in Jita (The Forge)
Omega until 18 april 2024
60 000 EverMarks

The pilot has a very good base of necessary sub-capital and capital skills. This is my main pilot that has a lot to look at in zkillboard.

There are also a few expensive clones for different tasks.

Most of the ships this pilot can use are learnt at 5. There is also a good grounding in fleet management skills with the corresponding command ships skill.

The pilot has a very rich skill set.
As a capital bonus: the pilot has flawlessly mastered dread’s like Zirnitra and Revellation

Qauntum Anomaly

All CCP Rules are adhered to

Starting bid 80 bill
Willing to close immediately for 100 bill

Happy to offer 80

Thank you for your suggestion. Your offer is the only one so far, but of course, I would like to see an offer over 95 bil. There’s still time…

81b offer

Thanks for offer. Bump



85b offer 1 week


not wait I wake up ,you didn’t give me a chance to quote again。

Are you ready to make a better offer?

As of right now, I haven’t received the data to move the pilot to another account, so I’m still open to suggestions if you wish.

87B if u accepted ill selling my plex now

I accept your offer. And I believe that I am not breaking any rules with this decision. I have not received confirmation from the person who made the previous bid. You are responding, for this reason I accept your offer and am willing to give you the pilot for 87 bil isk

Please send me mail with account information to transfer the character to you.
ISK can be sent.
I will keep you updated on the progress of the transfer here.

I will pay within 3 hours because I need to sell my PLEX

Okay, that’s not a problem for me.

I’m waiting for in game information from you on the account to transfer and 87B ISK. Upon receipt of both items, I will immediately initiate the transfer procedure.

Please confirm receipt

ISK and mail accepted.
I’m starting the transfer procedure