WTS Alpha Pilots 4.6M SP


No history in ZKillboard.

The Pilot is in Jita

150K SP unallocated

Pilot Name Larry Bouler

price start at 2 Billions Isk.

Send convo or Evemail to Doumi in game.

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Password for the skills?

Are you sure you’re able to transfer characters from an alpha account? I recall that not being possible but I could be wrong.


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You can transfer to and from an alpha account.

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Still for sale ?

yep, doesn’t matter if its alpha or not, you can transfer a toon. What you are most likely thinking of is, you cannot log in two alpha’s at the same time.

Which there was really no reason for OP to put that they are alpha pilots in the topic title. Because once character is possibly transferred to an account that is omega, the character would then be omega.

yes it’s still for sale

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OK how do you want to proceed ?

Bid withdrawn

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