Wallet - Positive
Kill Rights - None
Jump Clones - None
Location - Jita

Would like to sell both together however happy to sell individually.


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i’ll pay 4 Bil for both total.

Im very interested in Randy. 3 bil for him

I havent heard a reply but am willing to purchase BOTH characters. Please respond.

6b for both

Actually, I wish to modify my bid. I’m only wanting one character, alpha, 7b buyout. You can still sell Randy and make even more

Hi Kelcier Zaint, I am happy with 7b buyout for Alpha. I’ll reply to your message in game.

Sorry Col Oge, was in a fleet op… Isk sent, account info sent and just received notification from CCP the transfer is in progress. Thank you very much

Yep, ISK received and character transferred! all good - thank you.

Randy is still for sale.

Character received. Thank you again


Is Randy still for sale? If so I’ll buy him for 4 bill

Hey mate, I was looking for 5 for him but will accept 4.5 as he has been up for a while.

Someone had eve mailed me an offer yesterday but has not followed up and has not posted on the forums. So he is yours at 4.5 if you want him.

Character no longer for sale. Thanks for all the interest

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