WTS x3 5m+ skill farm / Starter alts!

SANEKATBASH - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sanakatbash 7

AMDRAGHAST - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/amdraghast

WU’TANG - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/wu’tang

Can i extract any skills from the 5.5+ m sp toons listed here? Kinda confused on what is deemed alpha skills.

Link for Wu-Tang is broken. Ill offer 10b for the lot, package deal.

ya… i was accepting 10b offers yesterday until i realized id have to pay for account to be omega first… would remove all profit :\ and probably cost me actually. Sorry … ill fix link

For base brain farmers, 3.33b a char is pretty decent. Especially when not all of them have cybernetics V. My offer is good for 24h.

I dont doubt it. Plex prices being what they are would cost roughly 8.4B (x3 1000 plex @ 2,820,700.06 ISK) to have all 3 transferred and 1.4B to make account omega to transfer = 9.8B isk = :disappointed_relieved:

could i extract and make a bill at least you think?

You dont need to be omega to transfer the character.

4bil for SanakAtbash

you dont?

noted… will consider if characters do not in fact need to be on omega account to transfer them

ill reoffer yesterday’s deal than of 10.5 for all

looking to confirm this new information and will get back at you soon mad

Mad can u find confirm that dont need omega to transfer ? Hard to find

4.5bil for SanakAtbash EDIT: Withdrawn

I have no clue tbh

I am getting told you dont need omega to transfer!

Just try and transfer one of the characters, Im certain u do not need to be omega to transfer a character…

Ill do 5 for amd if wutang has cyb v ill do 10 for the 2

Ok checking now edit … Is me btw

He has 570k or so of the 700k for cyber v. Actually 595,348 of 768,000 needed