WTS x3 Starter/Farm Pilots (x1 Cyber V all + 5M SP)

AMDRAGHAST - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/amdraghast 15

Wu’tang - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/wu’tang

all pos wallet
in highsec
no killrights
all ccp rules apply

selling these toons with pending offer on other post. this is new post

@Amon_Calis still interested for two? please post here if so and i will transfer via CC payment , online now

@Kleptic Second link is broken and your title is 3 but only 2 shown. Also give info that is supposed to be provided please check rules if not sure on which.

please confirm pilots are for sale?

@Kleptic any pilot left for sale?

amon offered 10b for AMD + Wu’tang… gunna give him a little bit to respond but sanek is

i will confirm sales

unless u send the 10b for the two first

Confirming For sale!

confirming for sale!

confirming for sale! https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sanakatbash

are you sellin 3 characters? I can offer you 12 bil for all 3

will do 13 for all three. Online and ready to transfer so lemme know. Otherwise ty for offer but i will do 10 for the 2 offered on by guy yesterday … also now transfering with money instead of ticket so better hehe

All sent.

still one for sale :sanakatbash: buyout is 3b

3b BO for sanakatbash
@Kleptic please confirm?

Will buy for 3.3 Right now let me know who to contact.

I will do 3,45 b for it

Will do 3.5b for it

3.6 bil

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