WTS x3 5m SP Starter Pilots! ( IMPLANTS, ARMOR, CYBER V, ECT! )


(Scrawler) #1

WU’TANG - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/wu’tang - CYBER V good armor skills [SET OF IMPROVED +5’s]
Date of Birth 2008-10-21 -
Skill Points 5,818,421 BUYOUT: 5B (Lots of skills injected)

AMDRAGHAST - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/amdraghast - CYBER V - MINMATAR CRUISER V
Date of Birth - 2009-07-16
Skillpoints 5,000,588 ( Lots of skills injected ) BUYOUT: 3B

SANEKATBASH - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sanakatbash
Date of Birth - 2008-09-25
Skillpoints 5,421,954 - Drone Skills - Lots of skills (capital, industrial)

set of Basic implants BUYOUT: 5B

All 3 pilots located in highsec
POS standings
POS wallets
2 Remaps

TOTAL SP: 16,240,963 BUYOUT FOR ALL 3 10B

will transfer via ticket immeditaly upon receiving 10B and account info!

(Wu'tang) #2

Confirming I’m for sale!

(Amdraghast) #3

Confirm I’m for sale!

(SanakAtbash) #4

Confirm I’m for sale!

(Mad Vemane) #5

ill buy out on all 3 for 10b

(Scrawler) #6

Send isk ans account to scrawler will transfer soon and ty

(Mad Vemane) #7

will do within the next hour

(Ananias Andedare) #8

I will do 10b, online now

(Scrawler) #9

Send it .

(TheDancer Girl) #10

Isk and account name sent, as agreed in game

(Mad Vemane) #11

ill do 10.5b than, online and ready to send

(Scrawler) #12

Mail me in game have identical sale of 3 accounts if interwsted

(Korbin Moonslayer) #13

Mail me the eveboards for your other 3

(Mad Vemane) #14

mail me the skill board to the others ill buy them if they are similar

also if you want to drop me a discord name will be simpler for me :wink:

(Mad Vemane) #15

price agreed in game, isk and acc name sent

(Shamdan) #16

If this is still available i will buy for 11b on all 3 characters, If not please mark as sold or send me an eve mail with characters you have for sale over 5m skill points and under 6m skill points

(Skymain Y) #17

still got any left for sale?

(system) #18

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