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I have 2 2010 pilots 1 Amarr 1 Caldari Male. How much are you paying?

Depends on the names, skills , etc, kep in mind however im not willing to pay anything above 9 bil, as i have previously bought one for roughly 4bil in the past.

They are fresh characters that are Amarr Citizen XXXX Caldari Citizen XXXX so can be renamed by CCP

How much would you want for one of them?
either one of them would do

Around 7b?

for the last pilot i got that was around the same age i payed around 5bil

I’ll go in the middle at 6b then? What do you mean including plex?

6bil sounds decent i can get in touch later on this week, maybe tonight. Ignore including plex, am operating on an hour of sleep here, i think i probably meant i bought plex for the 5bil or something

Sure man, just hit me up here. Let me know which one you want and when you’ve sent the isk etc so I can start the transfer for you. I’ll be using plex + ticket to do the transfer so can take around a day.

Hi. Both of these pilots are available for purchase. Please note the unallocated SP.

Gallente Citizen 888217971
DOB: 2009.11.19
SP: 463k allocated (231k unallocated)
Starter corp only
Positive wallet value
Current location: High sec (Clellinon) station
No kill rights
No jump clone
1 yearly remap + 3 bonus remaps

DOB: 2010.05.14
SP: 788k allocated, 316k unallocated
Starter corp only
Positive wallet value
Current location: High sec (Dodixie) station
No kill rights
No jump clones
1 yearly remap + 3 bonus remaps

I would accept 5.5B for either.

Hello, the 2009 character spikes my interest. is the 2009 able to be renamed? if it is, i may look into that one instead.

And, note, this needs to be 9 hours minimum before we can continue in the first place: i still need to biomass an older character of mine.

Yes, the 2009 is rename-able.
I’d be happy to continue at your earliest convenience. Feel free to mail me in-game.

Posting to confirm ownership of this pilot, available for sale.


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