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yo i just got back in too. i want to go pirate as well bro. im US East but i get up realy early. hit me back.

You sure you don’t want to do FW? We have some fun in low-sec and we are FW pirate group mostly.

Hi there Royal

we are not an pirate corp but we are 100% independent and we operate out of pochven.

with us everything that moves is a target and we are ofcourse very laidback.

If interrested please have a look at our post below with some point on what we do

You can also join our discord for a talk if you want

Take care

Hey bro, you are welcome to join up with Imperium Technologies, we are a well establish null-sec corp in a good area. There is ton of content down her for you to be able to fibd something you enjoy doing. Gonna send you a in gonna mail with detail.

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