Thanks that works

You extracted all cybernetics and biology, which was a big mistake if you want serious offers.

I’ll start you off with 3b.

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3.2 billion.

3.5 billion

3.6 bill

4.069 bil (yes serious)

4.20b, number chosen for obvious reasons. Also serious.

4.3b boi

will offer 5bil for you, no higher

5.1b isk ready

EDIT: Retracted 5.2b offer.

5.3b isk very ready

offer retracted. he wanted 10b :slight_smile:

feel free to find another character with a shoe as their avatar. 10B is a steal for this.

Regardless of avatar, the SP dont warrant 10B.


Ok. Good luck selling. Retracting my bid.

bump 10b b/o

6 billion