15 bil

keep smoking your crack

keep holding your bag… enjoy it :joy:

cash is king… bag holder is for loser

Serious offers only please, lowballers like this idiot don’t bother wasting your time.

To be fair his offer isnt that much of a low ball. In any reasonable world that toon should only get ~18b buy out.

21B… not in a hurry nor am I desperate for ISK.

keep dreaming for 21 bil… :joy: mark this post… only a noob that buys isk with real $$ will pay you 21 bil for that stupid toon.

these forums have really gone to ■■■■ so has the player base, cant even post a toon for sale without the fuckin trolls coming out… you made your offer, i declined, now go ■■■■ yourself with your toon farming ■■■■■■■■.

17 bil

Still for sale.


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