Cheers o7

45 bi

looking for a little more)

47 bi

48b and we have a deal

I will accept your proposal. The in-game email has been sent

and isk

hey, lets wait for enou to top this

he is my friend,This is what I want to buy

He can only get home in the evening. I can’t wait to buy it

Hamali Omih Amouh is a friend of mine and the quote I have above is for his bid

He has remitted money to the account of uxmaximus2.

ok gotcha will check the char and transfer it the the account name you send me to the char


*once I am back home

isk received, transfer initiated to the account name you sent me to the char being sold
you should receive an email and the char in 10h

The transfer char has been received,o7

Per the rules, info wasnt supposed to be deleted

After the deal
When a character is sold, the buyer must modify the topic title to reflect this to help other forum patrons know what characters are still available.

The new owner of the character may NOT pass himself off as any previous owner.

Posts in the sales thread once the character has been successfully sold should not be edited. Any information disclosed about the characters may not be removed.

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