Delirium Syndicate Seeks Players and Corps

Disonance & Co / Delirium Syndicate
The glorious Amarr navy needs all available pilots! Any pilot not otherwise actively engaged is encouraged to apply with Dissonance & Co. Any corporation looking to pledge its loyalty to the Empress should apply with Delirium Syndicate.

We take newbros, returning players, bitter vets, happy vets, even animal vets.
What we have to offer you:

  • Plenty of PvP content in the active Amarr/Minmatar Warzone
  • An excellent source of isk with the LP store
    -The comradery of a great group of pilots
  • For new players we offer free ships (frigates and destroyers) for you to go lose to your heart’s content so you can learn how to pvp

All we ask of our members is
Be mature(ish) and respectful to fellow corp mates
…and of course have fun playing eve!

If you are Interested in joining up, hop on in to our pub channel: Disonance Pub
or contact one of our recruiters in game
EU: Gee Nyx Kev Boirelle
US: WhyIsn’tThereAnyGoodNames Rergface Cybarclaw

then fill out the application form and come have some good fights with us!

Open for recruitment! Looking for more US and EU players… also our Wezal needs his shots so we could really use that animal vet if your out there.

bump <3

Come join a growing alliance filled with great people!

Bump! The Empress needs you!

One of us! One of us!

Still looking for new recruits

Come join the fun!

Recruitment is open!

To the top!


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