Delirium Trigger Industries - Welcoming New/Old Pilots. All Time Zones Welcome Join Us!

What we can offer:
*Orca boost
*Ore buyback
*Hauling services high sec only
*All timezones welcome
*Wormhole content
*Discord comms

There are no requirements, only that you have fun playing eve.
We are a IRL comes first corporation.
Alot of us are dads with dayjobs, so if that sounds like you, even more incentive to fly with us!!

Take care and fly safe
Yours truly
Donna Dolore

Come fly with us!! All players welcome

To the tops

up , up and away!!! Join us

join us!!!

up up and away!!!

Come fly with us !!!

To the top !!!

weekend warriors, stop by and chat

Join us

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