Den of the Immortals - Friendly corp/community welcoming new players!

Are you looking for a place to be welcomed when you’re learning the game, don’t have a lot of experience under your belt and want to fly side by side with some other people? Then the Den of the Immortals is the place for you!

Whether it’s exploration, mining, industry, PVE or PVP, we’ll always have some advice for you!

What do we offer?

  • Community - A place you can call home, with people you’ll start to see as your space friends one day. A tight-knit place where people will know each other and you’re not just a number.
  • Training and knowledge sharing - We have several veterans within our ranks who have played different parts of the game in the last few years. These veterans can easily give you advice and show you good fits, share their knowledge on the game and so much more!
  • (Future) Fleet - While right now we are starting up, we plan to have a properly organised fleet with a good composition in the future, lead by our marshal!
  • Assistance - Whether it’s hauling something, needing minerals and anything inbetween, our corp’s got you covered! We look out for one another in any way that we can. We may not be a high end corp yet, but only by working together will we achieve that!

What we expect from you?

  • Be Kind - To your corp members, your enemy , strangers, anybody. Try to be the better person and leave the game a nice place to be. Frustrations can run high in EVE Online, we all understand that, but let’s try to remember we’re here to help people and grow into our own community!
  • Login and Communication - While we all have our own lives and nobody is constantly in the mood to play, at the very least you can leave us a message and communicate if you won’t be on for some time or if you aren’t going to make it to an event/gathering.
    If you agree to go join us for something, don’t not show up without a word, really. It’s just rude.

Location We find ourselves near Jita and Doxidie, so you’ll have plenty near! Some low sec space, a border between most of the Empire’s if you need specific space and good proximity to the market hubs!


  • CEO: Mhalida Immortalis
  • US Recruiters: hazordous, Dean Akachi
  • EU Recruiter: Mhalida Immortalis, Dean Akachi

As some additional notes, we have a Discord set up, as well as ingame divisions to handle everything smoothly. Content wise we are a bit of a jack of all trades at the moment, offering a bit of everything with a primary focus on mining/industry and Ratting at the moment.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested!

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