Immortals of New Eden

Greetings fellow pilots!

The Immortals of New Eden are now reopening it’s doors to recruitment!

Who are we? -

Fairly laid back, Corp that understands the importance of RL. Easy to get along with and you’ll find we’ll die in your defence with a smile on our collective digital faces.

What do we do? -

We operate in a c2 red giant system, with a c3/HS Static. Really enables us to dabble in all sides of eve. Quick run down of some common activities.

-Wh pve combat sites

-Wh pvp (hole defence, roam, gank)

-Kspace pvp Roams (not mandatory)

-Kspace pve (any security status)


-Once a week ice mining operation

-Science and Indy projects

-Some mission running

And alot more. Essentially, if we don’t do it, we’re open to suggestions to try it out! YOLO

What we ask of you. -

-We have a discord, we ask that your have the ability to log in to our channel occasionally. whether it be to hang out, or to speed up our operations.

-Full API key mailed to our esteemed security official.

-Notification of any active alts. We don’t require you to make em join, but we do require a honest answer when/if we ask about any other toons.

-A willingness to get blown up, have a good time and take a lesson from it. “We all gonna die sometime Red!”

Fly dangerously safe my fellow New Eden pilots o7

Recruitment officer - Tron Aeolean

Security official - Soul Reaper1

Director of Operations - BlackTearDrop Avuli

Check our “House of Immortals” public in game comms to get to know some of us!

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