[USTZ] [HS] Seekers of Thee Immortal Nexus - Brand New Corp

Join Seekers of thee Immortal Nexus!

Looking for an exciting adventure in New Eden? Join SIN, a small yet ambitious corporation of pioneering capsuleers. We’re all about cosmic exploration, mining, and venturing into wormholes to discover hidden riches.

What We Offer:

  • Thrilling cosmic journeys
  • Inclusive community for both experienced and new pilots
  • Opportunities to shape the future of our corporation and your journey
  • Join us in our humble beginnings and reach for the stars

Don’t miss out on this cosmic opportunity. Chart your course with SIN now!

Bumpity Bump Bump, We are looking for miners and indy focused pilots, Ratters and the like. Really we accept pilots from all walks of “life” tho with our size there is only so much content we can provide at the moment. Just keepin’ it real.

BUMP BUMP!! Join One Join All Bump Bump!!

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