Relaxed Hi-Sec Corp Recruiting

The FreeThought Society is looking for people to join us in a quiet corner of Hi-Sec.

We are primarily involved in: Mining, exploration, industry, etc. Our home systems offer many rewards without the crowds and conflict of many denser populated areas.

Very relaxed corp. The main thing we ask is to be active, social, and not a drama queen. We will accept new players as well as those that already have quite a few skillpoints!

Our corp is turning 7 years old! It’s been a wild ride. We’ve operated in Hi-sec, lo-sec, and even lived in a WH for a year. The corporation has reached the point where it’s time to refocus on growing and sharing our knowledge with a new crop of capsuleers. Frankly, our activity had been low for quite a while and it’s time to reverse that with some fresh people!

Contact Sinful Soul via evemail or join TFTSO_PUBLIC chat channel for more information.

Where’s that then?

Deep in Amarr space. Often you find yourself solo in local with a system full of belts, signatures to probe, etc.

A few new members have joined. Join TFTSO_Public channel in game to chat with us.

Looking for both new and experienced pilots. Miners especially needed, but all indy and pve interests welcome.

We’re growing! Come check us out in-game. Very chill group.

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this sounds like a great idea can I sign up

You’ve piqued my interest. I’m not exactly new but, won’t to get back into playing and looking for a good sized corp to learn from and have fun with. Do you have any players that are on pretty late? Like overnight during Central Standard Time?

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