Depths of the Abyss

OK, if mechanics are about the same but nullsec its open pocket. Whats the point of doing these nullsec sites? Its just more risk compared to popping a filament (getting ganked).

After the nerf, loot from T6 became worse than from T5.
Also, some of the new spawns are way op. Way too many webs and neuts, which makes it almost impossible to finish with frigates.

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Accelerating clouds should be nerfed imho. Either it’s radius should be reduced or speed&inertia modifiers.


From my limited time in SISI running T6 exotic sites did 3 sites in a GILA the loot is pretty bad, same loot as T5.

One site dropped an unstable webifier mutaplasmid that pushed the site loot to 174m without this 84m mutaplasmid the site would’ve given a little over 80m which is what I already get from a regular T5 exotic site.

The other 2 sites I did had 80m in loot so it’s pretty horrible for the insane risk you have to take.

This is with me looting all the cans on all 3 sites I did.

The reward should scale with the risk we take but the reward is ■■■■ from what I can tell.

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Yes I just failed a T6 exotic site with drekevacs because they are inside the speed cloud, that cloud is a death sentence for anyone unlucky enough to get a bad speed cloud location spawn.

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Karybdis which decided to take a ride by a big and long speed cloud took me 8.30 to complete, and I could do nothing about it (I was on Ishtar).

4 Marshall spawn is simply impossible on a less than 40km ranged ship. Alpha is too big.

Also… abyssal siege needs reconfig 1. Fat stacks of cash incoming or it is bugged?

One more Karybdis+speed clouds spawn. One cloud was on the spawn, so he was moving at 1.2km/s to the border. I caught up but a tap of scram made me increase distance again, so I pressed mwd once more. But, right after the red cloud there was another speed cloud on the edge of arena, which ejected my ship 50km outside of the border…

This concept is broken, I’m afraid.


Ccplease??? The old ones are a major snooze fest.

i’ve been gone for the summer… so i dont know anything… is it possible to group up?

it sounds like these t6 and new abyssal npcs (in t5) demands dedicated logi and tank?
is the concept really broken or has the concept changed from “solo-pve” to “group pve” content?

anyhow… anyone doing abyssal “to print isk” is doing eve wrong, lol.
it might be a stepping stone, but its not the endgame of isk-printing.

imho, abyssal was(?) fine for me (the casual player)
i pop online do 3-5 abyssals in 1 hour, to clear my head. then go back to studying.

now i feel down knowing that this casual gameplay might not be so casual anymore…

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thats how you’d approach it in frigate trios or maybe destroyer duos, but if you want to run without alts or friends you need to do solo cruisers, and thats the main abyssal cuz it was the 1st and easiest of them to solo. Frigates and destroyer filaments give more loot corresponding to the expectation that you have to split the loot 2 or 3 ways with your friends, but being smaller ships they cant solo the higher tiers. Spider tank would be the optimal solution but doesnt really work in the abyss. For T6 it seems like the only good option is a hyperblinged Gila, although T3C’s would be good if they were allowed.

I’d like to disagree with you there. Abyssals can make insane ISK/hr if you grind them at the T4 or T5 level. T5 solo with cruisers is one of the best ways to make ISK with a single toon as far as raw ISK/hr goes, and not factoring in risks like getting disconnected and dying, or getting ganked on the exit trace.

High tier abyssals really never were casual gameplay, unless you think putting an up to 4b ship that requires a decent amount of piloting and strategy (depending on the ship) into the abyss is casual. Lower tier abyssals were and still are for the most part, but the angel cartel room seems to be a very strong slap in the face to frigates. They also added T0 abyssals to present an even lower difficulty lower payout way to experience the abyss. It probably makes less than L1 missioning but hey, introduction to content

i fly an gila at around 1.5b and face tank everything very casual in t5 while i orbit my mtu, but i do hafto kill some ships first etc etc, unless electrical

i mean that abyssal is “insane” isk/hr compared to doing anoms in a gila/vni/ishtar/domi…
so its a nice stepping stone towards a capital, then its the same as an 1.5b fit capital, rating in null?

Abyssal nor capital ratting is scalable, the isk/hr is bleak in comparision to doing stuff that scales with more accounts.

having 1 account is like playing on a single core processors, you just dont do it if you want to progress in the game.

yes ok, well… i heard the changes was only live on sisi, so im guessing ccp is going to tune the rats to suit non-casual solo cruisers, with more focus on piloting and less orbit mtu…
i guess it will be higher level rng and the capmods going to pay for them rng-losses?

unless in t5, and you just lose the earnings of 20 filaments, im guessing capmods are only in t6? :S

care to share the fit? I havent seen a non-electrical Gila for only 1.5b that face tanks all the rooms

and yet most players only have 1 account… Its almost as if you dont need to start massively scaling everything to have fun


Would love to see it as well, always seems strange that people who face tank t5’s while cooking dinner and walking the dog that say everything is way too easy make it harder dont seem to have fits to link.
having had 5 cruisers drain me in 30 seconds 3 web me and the battleship hit me for a 24k headshot in a t4 on sisi seems that make things hard crowd got their wish , hate to think what t6 does to you.

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People that say make it harder are the ones hording tons of abyssal stock hoping for the price to raise :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I just don’t want death to be a bad roll of the spawn dice.

I’m running a passive shield gila for gamma, 57k shield with 158 hp/s with nirvanas (no omega implant) some 3% implants (shield management, operation, rapid launch and guided missile.
I can tank anything without cap, done 40+ T5 gammas in it but yesterday i tried to get close to the CONCORD Marshall and got blasted after killing 2, note that they shot missiles doing 1143 dmg so 3 Marshalls = 3429 dmg 100% thermal and that just them not counting the cruisers and frigs, how can anything survive that other than buffer ships? Ishtar has 1.8k shield even with X-Large booster you gonna die after your Assault Control wears off and Gilas with 600 active shield boost tops? gonna die as well… but today ( september 13) instead of going close i tried the normal Starving Leshak approach and burned away from them, missile has a 70km range and only worked because the passive fit has enough room for a Link aug.
So unless you have 80% thermal and low sig, how the hell are people supposed to survive that? i did survive but any skybreaker aggro’d on drones and i was done for.

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Yea I tried to sig tank the Marshals in my vaga and died so damn fast.

Marshalls and Drekavac rooms are the new Leshak/Vedmak rooms to terror abyssal runners.
Left one run with 5sec left because i got 2 Drekavac rooms in a row, pretty scary to imagine people running T6 and maybe having to deal with even more Drekavac than i did… T5 firestorms? never again i’m sure of that lol

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O man I always run out of time in firestorms gave up on them.

yeah, see… i was talking about isk/hr and not about “fun”.
these are two diffrent things for some!
if i wanted “fun” i would be an advocate for increasing the diffucult lvl, but i dont want “fun” i want a “study break” or a “mind clearing session”…
dieing to an bad rng-abyssal spawn, is not what i need.

[Gila, glad hezt]

Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Pithum B-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Pithum B-Type Medium Shield Booster
Pithum B-Type Medium Shield Booster
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Drone Link Augmentor I

Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Caldari Navy Vespa x7
Vespa II x2

1.44b active tank gila that can do it all.
(but i dont do gammas and firestorms)
implants+boosters+bling adds even more room for facetank and less piloting skills…
aka kite and kill neuts first in this fit.

ps. i dont complain that abyssals is easy, i like that…
and also… i dont do abyssals for isk/hr, there are alot better ways to make isk then missions or abyssals. (scale what you do, with multiple windows)

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yea, usually it’s just people trying to make the pve sound way easier than it really is so they can complain that it needs to be harder. Said people almost never have any experience in high tier abyss