Depths of the Abyss

That fit lacks tank and outside of electricals it lacks capacitor. You can’t reliably run T5s with that fit

the last two days i flown some t6 gamma and firestorm sites, approx 10 each weather type. first i tryed a sacrileg in gammas. did some sites and failed some because the timer run off. i switched to a max blinged gila (10B) and did some more which i could finish, but i never had 3 large spawns and still timer issues sometimes (<1min).
in the firestorm sites the gila did much better time wise, but i also had easier spawns.

overall i would say, with some unlucky spawns and the 50% debuff its not possible to do them consistently with a gila. i cant fly the ikitursa yet, so maybe thats the answer?

i like doing them, but im not shure if i will do them on tq. risk reward seems off to me, especially in the harder filaments. but what i know is, i need a gila break…

Still trying it out but i like the fit thank you, love the 19.48 i guess if i need the extra 12 seconds im stuffed anyway

it has more then enough tank, perhaps you need to try it out first.
i’ve run 300+ t5 abyssals with it… 33% cap stable is more then enough to be able to kill the curret tq neut spawns… besides… once you killed half a room, you can run with 1 solo repper.

you can also tinker with diffrent repairs and/or shield booster… and ofc implants+drugs.
the only diffrence with a diffrent/blingier version of this is… more face tank.
10b gilas are overkill in the current t5.
1.5b gila does it reliably.

Your welcome,
but i think i got the fit from from abyssal lurkers, not sure.

3 or more Marshalls in the new Edencom/Concorde spawn is rough. They use missiles and have very high alpha.

2 of them are very doable if you are fast, I haven’t had a successful attempt with 3+ yet. They do 100% explosive damage, so maybe something with better explosive resist than what mine has been (70%) could survive it.

I’ve only seen the 3+ Marshall spawn in T6s, only 2 in T5 that I’ve seen so far.

The more I test, the more I’m fairly certain Speed clouds need to be adjusted before go live, they are by far the most dangerous cloud:
They break drone return, the drones travel so fast they keep flying around you and can’t seem to reach your ship. A corpmate of mine posted a video of this:
Because of the minimum 1 sec response time on your ship controls and the sudden jolt in speed, expect to eject yourself a few km out of the abyss. With an MWD + Dark speed bonus + speed cloud, you travel at warp, just with even less control.
Very dangerous if the cloud spawns on top of the rat spawn, Leshaks and other battleships can get very far away or scattered all over the room.
Extremely dangerous to the timer if you get a room covered in one of these clouds.
They just generally eat time up, as you can’t apply damage well to anything that has been boosted by one. Large clouds or rooms covered in them can be run ruining.

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400 EHP/s against omni, I call bull. Only a few GJ/s spare outside electricals, very bull. Nice trolling man

call bull all you want, he gonna tell you that is works in current t5, but maybe not on SISI rats.

I like that the yellow speed clouds give +speed to missiles aswell! :smiley: but… lol on that clip… warp speed drones ftw… i guess the pilot has to “scope drone” and not “recall drone”?

Today, checked 12 t5s gamma, they nerfed the amount of Marshalls per room ( had 2 CONCORD rooms) 1st encounter ONE Marshall and 2nd encounter ZERO Marshall.
This abyssal patch is all about changes to resistance types with the inclusion of Pirates and CONCORD/EDEN, CONCORD in their room you can be hit by some 100% thermal or 100% explosive ships… meanwhile Elite Lucifer Cynabal have more EM res and Devoted Knight EXP res… Elite Cynabals deal mixed kinds of damage as well (EM today when i checked).
Drekavacs/Overminds/Deepwatchers, getting multiple of these rooms can be your time out doom as it was for me some tries going out with seconds left when i faced 2 dreka rooms.
I wish luck to multiboxers because you gonna need with more e-war there’s no more"40km orbit gate all clients" in T5s, i guess.

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so from my testing the new waves and T6s do seem like a very fun concept but atm they are a tad broken, I’ve noticed that T6s are basically not able to be run in frigs/dessies at all because especially the new rats have VERY high tracking and dps, like when testing a T6 with a jackdaw duo, I was unable to even get within 40km of the drekavec rats because if I even got within their gun range, they’d be applying crazy damage for a BC sized ship that I had 1.5k transversal against, same issue with the angel and sansha waves when doing them in dessies/frigs… the rats track way to well and will just delete your ships. and when testing cruisers the rats seem to have way too much remote repair power where it is extremely hard to break the rats… tbh if the tracking of some of the rats was nerfed a bit and same with the RR, they’d be a lot more fun. the new waves seem to be kinda built to counter the gila meta (high damage and tracking) by being able to chip through the gila’s drones but it seems to have ended up hitting frig abyss runners as collateral damage as the high tracking really hurts the frig’s ability to sig tank the rats.

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tbh from testing with my frig fleets (nergals and hawks) the ewar isn’t the issue but the new rats track way too well, especially the drek rats hit like a BC but track like the drone battlecruisers out to like 40km which makes most frig fleets impossible as the few that can hit that far, don’t have the DPS to eat through the RR of the rats

they aren’t “impossible” but your survivability especially in T6s seems to be less based on player skill and fits but more on just getting good RNG which for the cost of T5-6 setups, it’s not worth it to do them when there is a good chance you’ll just get bad RNG and lose a 6b+ ship


Oh well, in the worst case nobody will do that content, not the first time happening…

The intend seems to be just to set a trap for greedy peeps for them to lose ships and make demand for more deadspace modules. Some will fall for it. for all people complaining. T5 was so much easy, You have skills then you have pilots skin (how you manage and fly). I had to restraint myself to a T1/T2 ship fitting without pirates implants. Start learning instead of complaining and running permatank setup (T5 electrical) with no brain usages.

I had 99+% efficiency with that 360m vagabond, only bugs from the server killed me!

Did any of you though that, you have EM penalty in an electrical. If new NPC has some high EM damage then the Gila can’t go into electrical without 2 EM resist or another way to counter that damage.

Release date, when?

  • Running on SISI is cheating, dishonorable, no motivation, no pain , let me die for real!


that glitch in the twitch clip is common on SiSi, running frig/destroyer filaments saves you from going inside but you have to close the abyssal window and jump somewhere to fix.
Won’t even say anything about the cheap vaga because i faced everything and i believe that vaga wouldn’t survive tanking the Drekavacs up close (my T5s had like 3-4 tons of damage if you get closer than 40km)

thanks for the frequent updates/improvements! hadnt too moch time to test, but i got some iki/drekavac spawns and they feel better now.
dps needed to do some spawns in time is still a thing. allways 70% debuff and/or a mechanic that we cant get the same spawn in a site more then once could help. im not shure about that idea, beacuse spawns wouldnt be that random and it could feel more repetitive/predictable. but i think with the bigger pool of spawns now, it would be nice.

Haven’t had a single tier 6 filament drop after five tier 5 sites.

I’ve had a few drop after doing Tier 5s on Singularity. I can’t say what the drop rate is, but they do drop.

I’ve also had two of the fabled capital mutaplasmid drops in T6 after many runs, I’m not really stats tracking. My guess is they are a less than 10% drop, possibly 1% at a wild guess.

The marshals can spawn in T2 Abyss?

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t1 to t6