Depths of the Abyss

Cool that’s fair me and my friends got neuted dry and destroyed by them

I’ve lost a Gila in the Serenity Server and exactly my Gila was overwhelmed by 4 Marshals in a few rounds of heavy missiles, TB7-III and Standard Blue used, overheated, but still didn’t work. They simply break your repairing by overwhelming DPS and the only way I could imagine is to have a Ishtar with a assault damage control… And also in Chinese Forums comes some bad news that 200hp/s Gila in T4 Electiral Abyss also overwhelmed by 4 Marshals in a row… Is CCP really trying to have people stop farming in Abyss? I know that the Abyss profit is quite awesome but my lost is comparable with those I’ve earned in half a month…

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thank you again for stupid changes on Attacker Marshal Disparu Troops and also the thunderbirds. both fores are overpowered now they got 70KM range plus drifter battleship’s alpha damage and spawn max 7 together in one room. great job!


i suggest that either put the range down to 60KM or reduce their damage 3 times lower, and plus the stupid speed cloud is broken, 300% speed bonus is too over, plz change to 100% or reduce its effect area and makes them much more easy to see in the room

they didn’t put info on edencom ships of what kind of damage they do (% wise because looking at the screen you can tell some do EM KIN mostly), i reported it as soon they put edencom ships on SiSi… do you think they fixed? 4th day on TQ and still bugged. They even changed Concord to DED.
don’t get your hopes up, they want people to LOSE ships!
even if someone is tripleboxing 7b ishtars and bragging about it on abyssal lurkers, don’t worry and keep in mind >>> DRAINER MARSHALL <<< is gonna kill you sooner or later.


tier 3 abyssal all the way then

NOW there is only one solution to farm high tier abyssal site (higher than T4) due to the marshal changes few days ago. that is three people retributions(they can do it very efficient and reliable )and from now on will have no other ships farms in T5 or T6 site. thanks again ccp, great effort for the changes without brain

This fit?
Gila, Alex Dicer’s Gila]
Abyssal Damage Control
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Gist X-Type EM Shield Hardener
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster
Pithum C-Type Medium Shield Booster
Republic Fleet 10MN Afterburner
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

Drone Link Augmentor I
‘Malkuth’ Heavy Missile Launcher I,Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II,Inferno Fury Light Missile

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier II
Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer I

Infiltrator II x2
Imperial Navy Infiltrator x6

damn thats cheap, mind sharing fit?

I just died in a T1 electrical with my Succubus, tried to spiral in to Karybdis Tyrannos and was ejected out of bound due to speed cloud.
First time I had a speed cloud.
Any thoughts on how to deal with those properly? Or is it just throwing of the dice?

If it is dice throwing I will stop flying the Abyss, I am not as rich.

Avoid flying through the speed cloud?

From whot i look, sometimes the speed cloud spawn when your ship finish is warp inside the abyssal deadspace

Hm, I am in a frigate, I need to close up to the Battleship a quick as possible, if I can not spiral in I can just press self destruct…

stop ship or move your camera around, realize there’s a speed cloud close by and set 10% speed in the bar?

As a casual I got used to running t1 electricals with a punisher, it was fun to do so and also decent income but since the new changes it just is too much of a risk, basically not worth doing. Previously i was thinking about going omega because i found the one activity that entertained me, but that is on hold indefinitely thanks to the changes.

Exactly this, It always feels like the gila is the standard of testing :confused: which is kinda sad as the gila has massive amounts of dps (every other ship is going to run into time issues) and extra tank coming from those drones. (smaller ships are going to ■■■■)

I just got the three Marshalls in an electrical 3 filament.

Absolutely nothing I could do and popped in seconds

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The worst case I saw in T6 abyss is they spawn 7 marshalls in one room

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Very rough for a T3. If it’s just the Marshalls without support ships, with my current fit I could do it, but that is a strong spawn for a T3.

Up in the T5s and T6s, I’ve been doing some more testing, even with unrealistic fits that just aren’t worth the money in reality. At least with a Cerberus I haven’t been able to deal with this spawn, the other new spawns are manageable now.

A Sacrilege with it’s naturally better explosive resist might work better, though @Alex_Dicer who originally mentioned this spawn in this thread didn’t have luck with it.

so from testing on the live server some more, I have noticed that some of the new rats, especially the trig ones from what I have seen have very similar stats to player ships which normally wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t as restricted as you are in the abyss… like when doing my frig trios, when I get 6-7 ships with tracking values at 500 thrown at my face, I really don’t exactly know what I can exactly do to mitigate damage outside of hope RNG is on my side and get a few wrecking hits and I kill them faster (this is in T5s) this is also an issue as they seem to be as tanky as a player flown ship which makes it even harder when trying to do them in frigs… T5s were already pretty iffy with some of the spawns but the kiki spam wave in particular seems to be VERY much just a “roll over and die” wave

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