Depths of the Abyss

In recent I find out some more stupid truth about the Marshals,
they have 72KM shoot range, they shoot heavy missiles,
they have a unbalanced alpha damage as high as drifter battleship.
the missiles range can be extended by the new speed cloud,
base on record, they can spawn 4+ in T4 ,6+ in T6 site.
their damage type is therm and explosive


I feel like the marshals are a bit too op.
Me and my friends got shredded by them in frigates doing a T2

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I just hope that more people will stop doing abyss and force balance update.

Well, ccp is probably extremely happy since destruction is up. They will wait again (see, trigs sentry guns) for a month to fix once enough isk is lost.

About 10 days ago marshals wave are very easy to handle due to its short range missiles(less than 20KM).
they changed all the DED ship missile flight time from 1.6X to 8x which 4 times their shoot range without a single notice.

so in here, to avoid more heavy loses in this stupid abyssal marshals.
solo cruiser player stop using your shinny pod and items cause there is always a wave that insures your certain death.
3 retributions team could survive this but please avoid use MWD and fly into blue cloud. but if you spawned inside blue cloud. sorry you will die to the marshals

The hell are you talking about? They made it hard so people don’t make easy isk in highsec…

That’s exactly what they want us to do.

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Abysses are very hard until you get enough muscle memory so you can do them in your sleep. I actually remember whelping like 70 caracals/CNIs in l3-4 before I got my hands and strategies in order. (I didn’t know that test server existed).

Also, zombywalking yourself through them gets sickeningly boring.

CCP tried their best to fix the situation, and they succeeded for the most part.

But. Certain spawns starting inside speed clouds or too much of those clouds on the grid, as well as too many Marshalls spawning while you are not in a droneboat with 70 km operating range, work the same as “your ship will self destruct on filament activation with 5% chance” type of bullstuff. No skill involved.


i did some more testing in t5 and i think some rooms need more adjustments.

one is the marshall spawn. i brought my rustworthy minmatar hacs because i love to fly turret ships. the first time i met those 4 marshalls was a short fight. i got to close and once webbed i died in seconds. the next try was better, with manualpiloting outside web range i could mitgate enough damage to make it without an issue. it was a fight on the edge, one piloting error and i would die. thats exactly the experience i enjoy and what makes me love flying turret ships in the abyss. BUT i think the marshalls apply to well and/or do to much damage. fighting them in a sig cloud would require to much tank and mwd ships should also be viable, even if i dont fly them.

the other spawn i struggled was a room with only kikimoras. the incoming dps was so high, even with nearly 900 ehp/s and adc i couldnt clear them fast enough that i could tank them. my combatlog was not open, so i cant say how much damage exactly was incoming, but it was overwhelming. a lot more incoming dps then a harrowing vedmak spawn, it felt more like a leshak room. i didnt get that spawn again, only mixed kikimore/drekavac spawns and those where fine.

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Don’t forget your defender missiles!

Or maybe you could try smart bombs :slight_smile:

i could just use a gila and watch drones do the work and feel like a smart guy because i dont have to care about falloff, nor tracking. the bigger buffer and more neut resistance would also make me a superior pilot it seems

Plus you can get cool skins for the gila.

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Actually would defender missiles actually work?

I don’t know what defender missiles do now. CCP changed them to target bombs. Shrug. You‘d have to look it up. They suck pretty bad, even if they technically might blow up a few cruise missiles.

i could not reproduce that bad kikimora spawn. the most i got in t5 where 7kikis and some damaviks. the incoming damage was fine. i can only asume i had bad spawnluck 50% resist debuff, alot td/webber and maybe some booster penalties (velocity/fallof) and the spoolup damage got to high.

I tested a T2 exotic about a week ago. The regular spawn posed no treath in the Gila i was flying. The i encountered one of those new boys. Twin Attack Marshal Disparu trooper. 2500dps raw. And there went my gila that lasted 50+ T2. Perhaps they are just a little to OP for T2? Other bs that spawn in t1 and t2 are never full health. Why these guys then? I need a 500mil fit to survive a T2? Some1 encountered these lovely boys? Greetz

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Sucks like hell. They are way to op in low tiers

there are two ways to encounter them in lower tier.

  1. using MWD kiting them 72KM away
  2. using after burner to reduce their damage but beware of the blue cloud
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Aight, my range is 60km so kiting them is no option haha. And yes, using a mwd makes you a sitting duck. Although i just gonna do T1 for now and see if the marshalls get some changes.

This God damn Marshals Room logic reminds me of Activision Blizzard…Makes me hate this game…it takes one whole week to make a proper T4 fit ISKwise and BOOM… This is not fun ffs

NO CCP I’m not gonna buy plex with real money for it…

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Has there been any loot changes for the bioadaptive cashe last week? Feels like some stuff changed.