Depths of the Abyss

So I was doing t4 gammas as usual no problem until I find myself against 3x

Ship: Arrester Marshal Disparu Troop|
Class: Abyssal Spaceship Entities|

plus a few smaller ships that webs…

I got 430ehp/s with no active modules and a afterburner (650m/s)
I got nuted dry from 50km away and webed by smaller ships and got destroyed by the 3 BS before I even had a chance to destroy 1 of the BS…
Usually a t4 gamma site are easy peasy but this one room I genuinely believe is impossible to do…

Got all geared up to run the Abyss. Worked my way up from T1 to T3. Found it to be interesting and fun, with maybe some reward. Maybe a great alternative to ratting in nullsec. I was thinking, “Good job CCP on making interesting content with potentially good reward.” I worked in my strategies like a good capsuleer. And then this update… Got a Marshal Disparu room and popped in seconds. Completely disproportionate to all the other T3 rooms I have encountered, and can’t come up with a strategy to counter. I’m going to consider the Abyss to now be broken. Very disappointed.

I’ve just begun with Abyssal content. I’ve done a lot of Calms in my Arbitrator. The Marshall room is the ONE room that I have issues with. It seems totally OP compared to anything else thrown at you in a Calm Abyssal. It promotes making a ship that is capable of doing Tier X and then running Tier X-1 with it.

I manage by overheating reps. Heat is not a skill I associate with players that can just field a T1 Arby, for whom to my mind the content is designed. I should be doing higher tiers with my skills but I am Eve poor at the moment and the skillbooks I want do drop in the lower level sites anyway.

I’m not opposed to having a few tougher rooms but the discrepancy between a “normal” room and the “hard” ones indeed feel broken and promote overtanking the whole thing.

Are the rewards not high enough to replace your lost ship from the rare “overpowered” room?

Not really. Let’s say a Calm (Tier 2) makes about 2-4 m per run excluding BPC profits (so I’m only counting income you can depend on). Last night I ran a couple of Calms and ran into the Marshall two times in about 8 runs. Now I don’t know the math behind his spawn chance but you could not maintain running Calms if you’d lose your ship to the Marshall consistently. I’m not the best drone manager, losing two T2 drones to him already kills your profit from that run unless you get a great BPC or skillbook.

Which is a shame, because my 38 m Arby is working fine, great even, for all other rooms. You have to pay attention to damage types a bit and too many mistakes will still kill you, but the Marshall room expects near-perfect execution. I could bring a better (more expensive) ship, but then the other rooms would feel super-easy. I don’t mind a little variation in difficulty per room, but this guy is kinda out of whack.

That being said, Abyss runners would do well to train Thermodynamics to IV as soon as possible. Better to take some damage to your modules then lose your ship.

Good Morning Lady and Gentlemen,

I just got hit by 5 Marshalls in a T5 Exotic Abyssal, and what to say … It was that freaking close they grinded in round about 1 Minute 25 k Shield down and that while i have 83% Explosiv Resistance.

Lucky Enough i did not have Drainers with it, just Arrester Marshals, well i realy struggle to believe that this is intended like this.

If anyone could tell me if there is any CCP Statement to it i realy would appreciate, cause i couldn´t find anything beside the Patch announcement that they got Implented.



I Just read through the Combat Log and i tryd to Sort it out and colorized it, have Fun with it.

In the First 16 Seconds i receive 6290 Damage

Have the same situation yesterday, and list my 800mil Gila… about 10-15 seconds from a warp with two boosters for shield and all heat :frowning: very dissappointed

Chaos era.

LOL must be the week for losing Gilas - got caught similarly though not in a T5.

Might have just been me getting the raw edge of RNG … or mebbe I’m just not skilled. Dunno.

I keep remembering the rule though … if you undock, you should fly it like you already lost it .

well, not realy. Cheapest Gila capable to run T4s costs cca 300-400m. T4 average payout is 30-40m. You need to run at least 10x T4s for return investment. Considering that there is a 1:8 chance (every 8th run) that it will spawn multiple attacker marshall disparu Battleships with neut Battleships (we still talking about T4s) and the fact that this spawn can kill 2B+ expensive fits with ease, then no. I´ve lost 2 Gilas in recent days just because of this stupid spawn —IN T4s !!! . T5 or T6, ok no problem, but in T2-T4? Lets face it. Abyss is broken after this update.

After two months on Test Server trying daily to sort the Marshall Spawn (T5&T6), I’ll add my voice to the rest asking for CCP to examine the Marshall situation and rebalance their dps. At present, the rng spawn mechanics combined with their dps is frequently a death sentence even with perfect piloting and skills. Even a 1400 dps tank (with overheat) can’t hold them and they cut right through it and damage control. Everything else is fairly balanced for the risk involved. The dps just needs to be adjusted to balance with everything else.

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it has been some time since the release now, it would be a good time for another balace patch based on the collected data and of course the feedback you have already received.

I would be very happy if we could see some statistics if thats possible. For example the number of sites done, fail rate, fail rate per spawn from before and after “the depths of the abyss” for each tier/weather and so on :slight_smile:

best regards

Bye-bye to T2, T3 and of course T4…
And can the marshals spawn in T1 Abyss also?

Yes, I just got ganked by one of those Attacker Marshal Disparu Troops in Abyssal T1 Deadspace. Those ships are far far stronger than anything else in the abyss.