Derpocity, Its time for some PEW!

Derpocity is a small corp, with big dreams, but its time to grow! we are looking for PvP driven pilots to join us to play in the most violent system in EVE Tama. We are a laid back corp that just likes to shoot things, find us in game in our public channel Derpocity Public!!

We offer:
Be a part of one of the TOP Alliances in the Citadel Region, Black Tooth Grin
Mature & no drama player base
Veteran leadership
Target rich enviorment
Accessible fleets and content for all ages
Daily roams small - mid gang
Daily gate camps on the most pretegious gate of New Eden
100% SRP on all Corporate/Alliance lead fleets/ops
Black ops
We are looking for:

Relaxed individuals
Willingness to adapt and participate
Motivated teamplayers
10m sp
Full API key
Make something of your self and start to write your own legacy, it begins now.

Cheeky Snake- Derpy CEO/ Alliance Diplo-Black Tooth Grin
Captain Funguy- Director/ Recruiter




join up, pew pew to be had

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