**Caution** Slippery When Derpy

We love lowsec PvP, if you do too, then please have a look at us.

This is what we offer:

✪ Very active corp in USTZ.
✪ Experienced in low sec warfare, solo, small gang.
✪ Gate Camping, BLOP’s, and Dread drops.
✪ New bro friendly, must be willing to train into corp doctrines and learn to hunt.
✪ Drama free and fun loving environment.
✪ Mumble and Discord.
✪ Our goal is to paint our Kill Board RED, even though we consistently fail, it’s our goal.
✪ Target rich environment.

This is what we are looking for:

✪ Willingness to engage, if not be down right THIRSTY.
✪ A good attitude, and a sense of humor.
✪ A logi alt, or be willing to get one.
✪ Self sufficient, although we will help you get started.
✪ Be on coms with a working mic.
✪ Be willing to travel, some content needs to be chased down.
✪ Be willing to shoot fireworks at PODs before popping them

If interested please join our PUB Derpocity Public

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Cyno lit

Point on POD

Sliding gate

Pre-Heat weapons

  1. . .2 . . 1. . Blap it

Don’t be a dik, let everyone get on the pod

I just joined these guys recently. Cool group! Much fun had so far!

Warp to me @ 10

Atron in the Small Outpost

catalyst in the small

If your too arrogant to speak with us before submitting an app then we will auto reject your proud ass

Point on Thanny, jump, jump, jump

Let me know when you slide the gate

Syipul at the large, algos on D scan too


Probes out!!

You guys need to stop killing my friends, we have the right to go wherever we want. You all are just bullies. In the NAME of MOM stop it!!!

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