**Caution** Slippery When Derpy


(WilCole) #1

We love lowsec PvP, if you do too, then please have a look at us.

This is what we offer:

✪ Very active corp in USTZ.
✪ Experienced in low sec warfare, solo, small gang.
✪ Gate Camping, BLOP’s, and Dread drops.
✪ New bro friendly, must be willing to train into corp doctrines and learn to hunt.
✪ Drama free and fun loving environment.
✪ Mumble and Discord.
✪ Our goal is to paint our Kill Board RED, even though we consistently fail, it’s our goal.
✪ Target rich environment.

This is what we are looking for:

✪ Willingness to engage, if not be down right THIRSTY.
✪ A good attitude, and a sense of humor.
✪ A logi alt, or be willing to get one.
✪ Self sufficient, although we will help you get started.
✪ Be on coms with a working mic.
✪ Be willing to travel, some content needs to be chased down.
✪ Be willing to shoot fireworks at PODs before popping them

If interested please join our PUB Derpocity Public

(WilCole) #2

Cyno lit

(WilCole) #3

Point on POD

(WilCole) #4

Sliding gate

(WilCole) #5

Pre-Heat weapons

(WilCole) #6
  1. . .2 . . 1. . Blap it

(WilCole) #7

Don’t be a dik, let everyone get on the pod

(Zael Jun) #8

I just joined these guys recently. Cool group! Much fun had so far!

(WilCole) #9

Warp to me @ 10

(WilCole) #10

Atron in the Small Outpost

(WilCole) #11

catalyst in the small

(WilCole) #12

If your too arrogant to speak with us before submitting an app then we will auto reject your proud ass

(WilCole) #13

Point on Thanny, jump, jump, jump

(WilCole) #14

Let me know when you slide the gate

(WilCole) #15

Syipul at the large, algos on D scan too

(Cheeky Snake) #16


(Cheeky Snake) #17

Probes out!!

(Ines Von Ballot) #18

You guys need to stop killing my friends, we have the right to go wherever we want. You all are just bullies. In the NAME of MOM stop it!!!