Design Workshop: Diplomatic Resorts


The point of this thread is essentially me asking for help to solidify and refine an idea.
Pretty much, I’m going to give out an overall idea I’ve been thinking about and anyone who think he has an idea that could be integrated to it is more than welcome to do so.

Idea: Diplomatic Resort

  • Structure

Design Goal: Something that can be interacted with, attacked, and contested.

  • Can only be anchored within 200 to 500 km of a Station.
  • Can be anchored within 175 km of another Upwell Structure.

Design Goal: Stations are among the few things that are limited in numbers and can provide limited points of contests in High-sec. We can’t blow them up, but we can blow the Resorts attached to them and make them ours.

  • Only allows docking to members of the owning corp.
  • The Structure allows setting up Meetings with Agents from CONCORD, the Empire owning the system, and the Corporation owning the station the structure is anchored to.
  • The results of Meetings depend on the number corp members in the structure (up to a maximum of X) when the Meeting is held.

Design Goal: Make it specifically a corp thing. One of the goals of the structure is to encourage corps to grow bigger and contest each others. The Limit with the X variable is here to encourage different variant of Resorts, either bigger or pricier.

  • Meetings would give unique buffs (and debuffs) to the characters participating (resulting from your intense partying or diplo activities).

Design Goal: Creates variance in High-sec. Would help create more wax and wanes depending on the buffs and debuffs they would get.

  • Meetings would be the way to gain perks for your corp.
  • Lore-wise, Diplomatic Resort are Pleasure Hubs where you try to convince representatives of the different powers in EVE to support and push the cause of your corp by making them live the good life in a finely crafted environment.

Design Goal: Encourage Corp-“Crafting”. You’d build your corp from the ground up to be bigger, better, and with more perks.

  • No High-slots.
  • Only 1 reinforcement timer.

Design Goal: Those would not be geared for combat, and more importantly they could not since you would have multiple ones on a grid.
They are also to be easy points of contention, thus the sole reinforcement cycle.

Now I will present Challenges, the specific thing I’m asking for help about. Things have not yet been able to figure out but I’m asking the community for help defining:

Design Challenges:

  • Encourage Undocking
  • Possible Material Rewards
  • Be an Isk sink
  • The nature of the provided buffs and debuffs
  • Stats
  • Amount allowed per station per security status
  • System alongside that playing with the corps, organizations interacted with by the structure

All suggestions, inputs, ideas, and proper responses are welcome. Ideally, I plan on making this into a Design Document that will be duly given to CCP.

I feel like the attendance based bonus system would encourage people to make disposable alts to increase rewards for themselves rather than play with others.

It does not make sense to me but if we had wis and you proposed a strip club I’d be down for throwing isk at your silly citadel,

The idea of a weak structure in highsec to give you some buff seems ok, but you’d need to find some compelling, but not overpowered reason to bring it. I think a slight reduction in taxes to some particular faction, and a slight increase in bounty payouts and LP when running missions out of a particular station would be a good place to start.

The question then exists: Why contest them and not just let people mind their own business? I think a good answer would be that only one should be anchorable near each station. This way, people can contest prime mission running turf, like Thukker or SOE stations.

The next issue I see is that with current wardec mechanics, having one of these structures is never going to be worth a wardec. You could mitigate this by making these structures engageable without a wardec, but I still see people using wardecs to coerce someone to bring the module down, rather than actually committing to an uncertain fight over it. Frankly, without some significant changes to wardec mechanics, I just don’t see a way to get past this.

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Nothing is out of the ball park. This can be a giant strip club right outside Jita.

We just have to figure it out if it would be a good idea,

Also what would a giant stripper club would mean in gaming sense.

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