Deus Vult Alliance - Is Recruiting Corporations and Members

Who we are ?

Deus Vult is a warming alliance with it’s own Sov, that aims to grow bigger and bigger to be able to field significant fleets to protect our space and the space of our coalition and just have fun. We are allied and working with Triumvirate.

What we offer ?

  • PVP close to home
  • Null-Sec Standing and Production Citadels
  • PVP Training
  • Teamspeak and Discord
  • Access to ratting sites and mining belts

What we ask?

  • Help us defend our space
  • Be mature and friendly
  • Enjoy null sec life
  • Get drunk and hotdrop neuts with your rorqual
  • Follow the Alliance rules
  • Be on comms when needed
  • Be able to fly basic pvp ships (dps cruisers, tacklers, logi, dps battlecruisers)


New PVP corporations or growing ones are welcome to join us, we will train you and help you develop on the right path. Mining/Ratting corps are also welcome to join if they keep an open mind regarding PVP, having our own Sov means we also have to defend it in order to live happily inside it.

Members that are seeking a corp and like what we offer do not hesitate to contact the recruiters of the Corporations that are forming Deus Vult.

If you are interested in us feel free to contact me or Drutt Warsong !

Up :slight_smile:

Still looking.

Still recruiting.

Free bump for some good folks

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