[Small Gang PvP] [Null] - BYMC/Deus Vult - Infamous 10 wanted

Established Corp/Alliance looking for new members specifically in EUTZ.
If you are new to it and willing to take a leap of faith toward Null Sec and learn how it works, don’t look any further, you just found the right place to start.
Also for veteran players, we offer a space with lots of opportunities and an Alliance and Friends you can share great fights with or make a lot of ISK.

We’re Looking for:
Small Gang PvP Players and those who want to learn it. Also people who like to mine or rat from time to time are more than welcome.
Our goal is to set up a gang of bold people who stick together and are not afraid to lose a few ships while getting out there and try things. Building a gang is a team-sport and if you are a team player looking for your role in a PvP gang, come and join us.

An adventurous mindset, team-player, brain & manners, Teamspeak/Discord and ESI authentication as part of the application.

We Offer:

  • Support and Brotherhood
  • Knowledge and Experience across the board of Eve activities
  • SRP
  • Full Supporting Infrastructure
  • Moon Mining, Ratting

We don’t offer:

  • Criminal Lifestyle
  • Dickhat attitude
  • Wannabes
  • Extreme Carebaers
  • 24/7 Babysitting Services

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