Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


(Ima Wreckyou) #2276

Yeah ok… so what do they have to do to get the carrot that does not involve us customers if you say we are “expendable”?

(DeMichael Crimson) #2277

I’ve seen you post that a few times now yet your character was created on 12-14-2013 @ 21:14 Eve time.

As for CCP doing what they say, anyone who has been in this game for 10 or more years knows that CCP always sells dreams of what they’re going to do but in reality they either fall way short of achieving it or they just plain give up on it.

(Jeremiah Saken) #2278

wholly owned subsidiary

and the main dish:
" The subsidiary operates with the permission of the parent company, which may or may not have direct input into the subsidiary’s operations and management."

So the brand stays, basically whole staff from CEO to employee stays, they just bought fully operational developer studio because it’s simple that way, but if they want they will do what suits them best.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2279

Do you seriously believe a forum code alt is someone’s main?

(Salvos Rhoska) #2280

They dont need all of us.
Just the ones prepared to pay.

(Butt Cigar) #2281

Jibberish. You have no idea what’s being discussed. But you will know soon.

(Choking Coyote) #2282

I hope it’s a blanket ban on any form of lootboxes or anything vagualy smelling of gambling. EA, Activision, Take 2, etc… all have taken things way too far recently. It’s had a determental effect on the quality of games as well.

(Choking Coyote) #2283

Learn to read…! I’ve never stated that a subsidiay (wholly owned or not) isn’t/can’t be controlled by the parent company. My statement was that because CCP is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Korean company doesn’t mean they are now a Korean company themselves.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2284

If the statement of playing this game for X amount of years can’t be verified then that statement is irrelevant which doesn’t give any credibility to what was posted.

When I say I’ve been playing this game for 10+ years, that can be easily verified just by checking the date my character was created.

I’m not afraid to post with my main.

(Jeremiah Saken) #2285

Everybody comply except EA, which shows what company EA really is. This will be fun to watch. EA already bend a knee with new Battlefield V and history accuracy in it. Stocks are failing. If Belgium win I wonder what the rest of EU will do. I wish they’ll burn to the ground for what they did to the industry.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2286

CCP hf, as the nominal parent company, is registered in Iceland.

I dunno where possible daughter companies are registered and cba to research as CCP shares are not publically traded and Im not investing.

For now.
Deal goes through 12.10.18.
After that, anything could happen.

As far as I can make out, Kim Dae-il (37), founder of PA, retained 39% of PA Corp, and net worth of $1.1bil, as of January 2018. Afaik, he is the largest single shareholder.

So this guy is more or less our new overlord:

Hilmar sold his stake in CCP. At 7%, thats about $30mil, if the bonus conditions are achieved. He stays on as CEO for an indeterminate period, but has informally stated he will not leave CCP.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2287

Check Goon recruitment policy.
You have to be an SA subber, or sponsored by SA subber, to be considered for recruitment into Goons.

Below, in particular, is GoonWaffe’s recruitment policy, updated as of 22 July, 2018:

(Lexx Devi) #2288

Sorry i can’t tell if your repeating what im saying in another perspective or correcting what we are both saying already.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #2289

Hm. It would be good if you would know the difference between Goonwaffe and the rest of GSF…

(Dread Saboteur) #2290

I like our new overlord better than Hilmar

(Salvos Rhoska) #2291

I know the difference, albeit its superficial at best. The Goon core owns/directs all subsidiaries. It was just an example which does show SA sub requirement, or sponsorship from an SA sub payer.

Goons are, have always been, and likely always will be, an extension of SA, which has its own subscription for cash system.

SA makes real money off Goon (certainly GoonWaffe) recruitment in EVE.

Whether that constitutes RMT, is not up to me.

So far I havent read any statement by our new overlord, except for statements by PA Corps CEO.

Hes certainly far FAR richer than Hilmar at estimated $1.1bil net worth compared to Hilmars $30mil sell out of his 7% stake in CCP, and afaik still controls 39% of PA Corp as founder.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2292

It’s pretty easy to find out who my main is…

(Emanwilla) #2293

No need to worry about eve. I am sure it will last. It’s just the players that will change :slightly_smiling_face:

(Diarmait Hannigan) #2294

sorry im late for this, but sure lets go with that

(Arthur Aihaken) #2295

So now there’s a $200-million performance-based incentive to fleece the existing playerbase. Just waiting for PLEX-based ships, training accelerators and module performance enhancements to enter the game. In the interim we can expect massive amounts of new SKINS and NEX cosmetic items. PLEX permit to riot?