Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #2342

Normally on forums I visit, I try to post translations google but I’m not posting yours. Too sickening and perverted.

(Amra Ni-Yesta) #2343

Why CCP doesn’t buy companies, why they sold themself ?

(Aetrid) #2344

Why? 425000000 reasons.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2345

More accurately CCP didnt sell themselves. The investors backing CCP sold their shares to PA. And Hilmar cashed up at the same time with whatever he had left.
CCP already were an externally owned company.

(Alpha Creire-Geng) #2346

Black Desert has a really amazing start to there game Eve is still quite hopeless, Eve has a real sense of long play Black Desert does too much grinding after level 20 Black desert has amazing housing and communities etc etc So if this works something more amazing could happen:)

(CCP Falcon) #2347

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