Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


(Buoytender Bob) #330

Knowing the players of EVE, figuring out how to either game the system or ganking their fellow,player will be high on their list to do first. However, if you start to gank Alphas every which way from Sunday just to provide “content”, especially under the guise of “friendly” fleet grouping, veteran players may notice no increase of those either joining ns/LS corps or experimenting in the vetern’s style of play. You have to prime the pump of PvP with the blood of fresh players; restraint in regards to THIS particular new content should probably be wise. That’s not to say no ganking, but rather let’s not farm the Alphas to the detriment of the game’s future.

(Sir SmashAlot) #331

I look forward to the tears generated by this lockout mechanic when trolls send in N-1 toons in noob ships to break the mechanic for others trying to do the site.

(Solomar Espersei) #332

I agree here, but those new players and alphas should be able to, or at the least have the possibility, of testing the waters of micro gang PVP and shooting the Bad Guy players rather than continuous ganking and resultant CONCORD intervention. Shenanigans followed by counter-shenanigans would create content.

(Arrendis) #333

I’d worry about that if these things didn’t have a relatively short expiration timer and they’ll apparently be all over the place. Can’t get in? Find another one, or wait a few minutes for one.

(Sylvia Kildare) #334

Aw. I wanna bring my Orca.

(Arrendis) #335

Level 5’s allow battleships (Large hulls), so that’d be where the orca fits, I’d imagine.

(Rain6637) #336

I’m totally on board with this new stuff, but it makes me think overview reeeaallly needs a revamp so players know what they’re looking at. All they see is columns of letters and numbers, and it could use some color coding or separation in an obvious way. Pleeease improve the overview

(Arrendis) #337

The entire UI gets really cluttered, really fast, and things like the new map window don’t help. (Searches stay persistent, even across multiple login sessions? Really? How often do you think I’m going to be searching for the same system multiple times in a row?)

(Benje en Divalone) #338

I think Aesop had some words on that:

(Buoytender Bob) #339

Well, considering that one of the largest and longest powerblocks in EVE has had the motto of “We"really not out to ruin THE game; we"re out to ruin YOUR game” and a certain group’s fondness for concentrating on ganking ships only in HS, the ability of certain people for self destruction ( through diminishing certain aspects of the player base) in EVE will never surprise me.:grinning:

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #340

hehe, that’s the point I think.

To petend to care, that’s the “act” they role play. It’s quite funny and enjoyable. They are more pitied than supported in eve. So lets let them have there fun.

These small gank corps are like three fat kids in the corner at a party that smell bad, no one likes them and they probably wont get to consensually touch any of the girls.

(Arrendis) #341

We’ve also made a longstanding tradition of being the folks pointing out mechanical issues and problems before they get implemented, and being pretty accurate in our assessment of how the jerks and bastards will behave—specifically because we don’t try to ruin the game for new players. New players are important. New players are the life blood of this game and we know it. That’s why we do things like warn people before a Burn event. If we’re telling people all over the place that it’s coming, and you still get your freighter killed because you couldn’t move a little early and then move the surplus 3 days later, you earned it.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #342

My bet… Goons will use these sites to help recruit. They will need moon miners soon in large quantities and well, get a miner who follows orders running a PvE site and you get someone who can also join a fleet as DPS or support. So I would hope Goons, Test, NC, Brave and any other group do. And those that don’t… Well… They lose the N+1 war that much faster.

(Arrendis) #343

We might recruit through these, just as part of the general landscape… but moon mining numbers aren’t an issue. Feel free to look through Delve some time. We just spent 3 weeks not home, with most of the Rorqs shelved during that time. Wanna guess which region topped the MER that came out today in value mined?

(Buoytender Bob) #344

Yes, the Goons have always looked at the big picture, but there are plenty of other groups (both small and large) who don’t have your group’s intelligence not to kill off the source of both your future targets and new recruits.I know that the Imperium won’t stoop down to a level such that they would go after any Alphas running theses sites, but there are numerous other groups who will (or at least think about it).

I have no beef with the Goons in regards to most things, but especially in regards to noobies ( recruitment transportation scam widely known and avoided by smart players as a major exception). You guys get the concept of keeping the incoming new players in the game keeps the game active and financiallyr viable. Other people,however, don’the seem to grasp the concept.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #345

The drifters got everyone except the deadest of bittervet wood excited, It heralded such a fantastic new concept and avenue for eve lore.

The potential was palpable.

It had people from all areas of space flying about, entosising the observatory’s, getting blown to bits and tin foiling the gleaned data like children with a new toy, it was almost, verging, tantalizingly close to a epic moment.

CCP must know this, and we have to hope it will be expanded on at some point. It would be a crime not to.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #346

Get into a Mining Rokh then. I remember the old stories of the Mining Rokh.

(Arrendis) #347

It’s an important point to remember that one of the things Goons are required by the Alliance to do when pulling that scam is provide people a link to the ‘how to join’ instructions. That page includes, in BIG RED LETTERS, the statement that if you paid, or are paying, money to get in, THAT IS A SCAM, DO NOT DO IT.

It’s not our fault if people can’t read the gigantic red text. Just sayin’.

(Frostys Virpio) #348

Also, who the hell waste time scamming new players? They have nothing worth scamming yet unless they are a massive whale…

(Buoytender Bob) #349

The point being made is that most people understand that some sort of restraint should be shown in regards to these specific sites, especially in how newer players are interacted with by vetern’ players. Geesh, everyone is so dang touchy these days. Just saying that it wouldn’the be a bad idea to look at the long view of EVE and not the instant gratification that certain playing styles offer.