Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #350

That’s just far to optimistic! You are clearly to enlightened for these forums.

Can you not see this is the home of tempered belligerence?

…be gone with your infallible logic and savvy sagacity, there is no place for that here.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #351

I will surely appreciate doing these to entertain me from the usual routines

(Syds Sinclair) #352

…Resource Wars!

Versus NPC targets. What?

When I read the title to this DevBlog, I foolheartedly got excited. Look here! CCP is giving Eve a conflict driver! But nope, nope. CCP no longer develops Eve, they develop a game they wish was WoW in space.

This is an instanced dungeon that players will group up for with the hopes of getting “purple” loot.

This is clearly an attempt from CCP to bring in new players with content that is stamped with the word “accessible.”

CCP wanting new players to join Eve is a good thing. That is great for all of us.


Eve never gained new players with it’s phenomenal PvE content.

If you want cool PvE gameplay, you simply do not consider Eve. You come to Eve to Be the Villain.

(Buoytender Bob) #353

Missed the whole reason they are trying this content; please reread the dev blog and the thread. They are trying to extend the NPE to help newer players and current HS only solo players to branch out a bit. This part helps span the current empty space in normal player development content. They want to teach people to work with others and join groups; the goal to enlarge the groups in LS and NS with players more willing to at least to try the experience. Their ultimate goal is to train more people willing to try PvP or go outside of HS while at least adding something within HS for the current PvE crowd. Sure, there is PLENTY that CCP needs to improve on in regards to game development, but this starts to address one area that really hasn’t been addressed properly in the past. Just because everyone isn’t satisfied that this new feature will address their particular concern doesn’t mean it is worthless; it does appear at this time to be a good faith effort in correcting a known defect.

CCPs development resources appear to have been sharply reduced, probably off working on VR or some new shiny venture. I know that many people would love changes in NS, a revitalization of LS, and mission/exploration site generator for all areas as a start of changes, but that appears beyond what CCP can handle/afford/create with its current assets.

If your current wants are a conflict generator, undock, lock up a ship, and work on lowering your current 4.9 sec rating. Pssst, there’s also a big war going on if you’re looking for group conflict.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #354

Geez, talk about judgemental, this is a thing for people to learn and a little spice for other players, I for one will definitely enjoy doing these every now and then to spice up my routine.

And I doubt the “purple loot” which is clearly listed in the lp store will be much to brag home about, because, you know, its high sec.

(Jeremiah Saken) #355

Where “purple loot” was clearly listed in the LP stores?

(Arrendis) #356

It’s actually a “Purple Lute”:

(Buoytender Bob) #357

Do I need a musician skill book or merely a string instrument one and train to what level?

(Jeremiah Saken) #358

Music instruments to level V and then stringed instruments specialization to level 3 at at least.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #359

its what Syds said, clearly making a reference to WoWs item rarity that are classified by colours, purple being the second best.

(Mara Rinn) #360

I am guessing you are firmly on the “RW is a useless festure which represents a waste of CCP dev time” side of the debate? :smiley:

Let’s see how it pans out after the event.

(Sgt Ocker) #361

WOW… Way to not read the available info…
These will be PUBLIC fleets… Gates aren’t locked, you join the fleet you warp in.

Standings is of little concern if you want, your standings with a faction aren’t altered if you gank someone and concord standings are easily fixed with a bit of isk.

As for mining missions - They are the same as any other mission, only very few require a key to enter…

Join (publicly advertised) fleet as combat pilot, enter site, kill miners, get concorded, warp out. Rinse and repeat.
It may not be a big thing overall but for the few it happens to it will have an effect. The same as any ganking, if it’s not you you don’t care but when you’re the target it can be devastating…

Again, you might want to go read the available info - These sites are meant for EVERYONE from rookie to seasoned veteran…

Read the info, don’t just guess and make it up as you go… Hundreds of mining barges (newer players with less isk) get ganked everyday, not just bling missions boats.

(Jeremiah Saken) #362

Why I can’t shake the feeling from the back of my head that this whole feature is just preparation for hisec mining players into participate in new moon mining in low and null. Working as a team miners-defence fleet. Evert time a see a feature like this my EvE paranoia starts (“don’t trust anyone”).

(Steve Ronuken) #363

Nope. I’m seeing similar numbers of developers.

(Black Pedro) #364

You are the one that seems unable to read.

From the devblog (emphasis mine):

Increasing your standing with the corporations will allow you to enter more restricted sites where you fill higher capacity haulers and face tougher opponents. For those you’ll be able to bring higher tier ships and earn greater rewards for your efforts. Tier 1 of the mining expedition sites will be open to Corvettes and Frigates, with expedition sites opening up to Battleships at Tier 5. The sites will have a maximum capacity, but your empire does not expect you to share your reward so the number of players who enter the site alongside you will have no impact on the payouts.

And from above in this thread:

The warp gates for the sites “lock” when they reach capacity as a balancing mechanism. If they are full (or you don’t have standing with the new RW corp) you will not be able to enter the site.

I suggest instead of spouting off on things you don’t understand, you read Noizy’s nice summary of everything we know about them so far:

(Sgt Ocker) #365

LOL… you really are just so naive aren’t you (or simply like being wrong). Standings are gained for completing the sites, now PLEASE tell me what is to stop someone who has ganked a dozen miners completing the sites to get higher standings and move on to the next level and gank higher value miners?

And yes the sites are locked “Once they reach capacity” (key words there) - So what is to stop someone already in the fleet as a combat ship from ganking the miners?
If you read my post, instead of replying with what you “thought” I said - I never once mentioned gankers warping in after the site was started and as you can enter any site as long as it isn’t at capacity - Well you should be able to work it out… If not, ask someone to explain to you how entering a site that isn’t locked due to not having the maximum amount of fleet members works… (Try reading what you are using to say I am wrong before posting stuff that supports my point what)
As no-one knows what the min > max numbers are yet it is too soon to speculate, so saying NO it can’t happen is just wrong. Where what I am saying is, it is a possibility. I can, in theory, join a fleet of miners with a few gank alts and be warped to the site by the same NPC FC as they are…

See, there is one thing even you should have learned about Eve by now, those who want to prey on some one, Will Always find a way.

(yellow parasol) #366

i’m looking forward to entering my bumping tornado into these event sites. gotta stock up on the QZ, check if i have implants, hm…

(yellow parasol) #367

Make Awoxing Great Again!

(Lady Ayeipsia) #368

If you truly wish to bump, prep multiple ship sizes. A Tornado will probably only be at to enter the largest or 2nd largest. You’ll miss out on cruiser and frig size. You maybe want a bowhead to move your ships about and a BS/BC, a cruiser, and a frig.

(Frostys Virpio) #369

The color of the item is pretty irrelevant tbh. The power is in the ilvl.