Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


(yellow parasol) #370

thank you for the suggestion, but that’s not how i operate. either i just buy everything i need, where i need it, or alternatively i ask industrialists to build and deliver. i like playing with others that way, instead of doing everything with alts. :slight_smile:

like, for example, i have dozens of ships sitting in stations in lowsec, all built and delivered by an industrialist i’ve found in local. including fittings! :smiley: i gain “best customer of the month” simply by telling them that their price is unacceptable, and forcing them to take a higher payment, else there’s no deal. that puzzles quite the many, because i care about them making reasonable profits, and unlocks many doors. :slight_smile:

PS: slow work day, today…

(Buoytender Bob) #371

Guess the pun went over your head?.. (Shiny venture) :wink: Anyway, thanks for the clarification…

(Soldarius) #372

This. When I first started this game way back before Quantum Rise, the NPC pirate in the NPE said I would have an opportunity to help them instead of helping the empires. I am still waiting for this opportunity. Being able to shoot the empire faction ships in hisec would go a long way towards this style of gameplay.

(ITTigerClawIK) #373

So these new corporations comign in, will they have some new stations popping up anywhere?

(Black Pedro) #374

I still have no clue what you are trying to say. You can’t warp gank alts onto someone in these sites. Even if the site isn’t at capacity, and even if the all the gank alts have sufficient standing to enter the site, they will still be warped to the acceleration gate, which they can take like normal and then would have to slowboat over to the target. That pretty means it is impossible for criminals to gank in these sites (the facpo will shoot them during the slowboat), and while neutral security status gankers could still try, anyone not sitting on the warp-in will have plenty of time to just warp away. Maybe a surprise suicide tackle from a “friendly” or unconventional suicide gank ships would catch someone out, but I imagine the standings grind alone will keep almost everyone from ever trying. Certainly it won’t be done casually or by a solo criminal.

That’s all perfectly fine. There are other mission spaces where criminals have much less freedom to operate and thus are much safer then hanging out unprotected in normal belts or on gates, but let’s not pretend that these Resource War sites will put you in any danger from the other players or are conducive for PvP. Almost no one will be ganked in them - the standing grind alone will ensure that - but given CCP Affinity’s assurance that they will only last minutes before collapsing, I don’t see that as a real problem. Players will be vulnerable entering and leaving sites, and while searching for them so 10 minutes of safety in the site still leaves some room for the hunters to catch their inattentive prey.

And no, I don’t agree with your final statement. It is trivial to operate safely in modern highsec. With perfect defensive play, you can operate in highsec at no risk to the other players. Only greed, inexperience, inattention, or extreme drunkenness will put you at risk of losing a ship in highsec. I have no fear of “those that want to prey” on me and I imagine you don’t really either given how much the game is stacked in your favour as a defender in highsec.

Good thing there are always a few greedy, complacent/new, lazy and/or drunk people to explode in highsec, or this would be a very boring game indeed for the highsec content creator.

(Lukett MyDabb) #375

if were a betting man i’d predict someone out in halaima got a boner from reading this.

(Marcus Rintel) #376

Ok, so it seems the facts are this:

  1. Participants in the zone MUST Mine the ore, or your actions are not counted towards rewards.
  2. Capacity limits, but both Solo and Fleets can access.
  3. Mined Ore is transferred to Haulers to count towards rewards.
  4. Rewards are ISK, LP for the NPC Corp Faction, Standings for the same NPC Corp faction.
  5. New ORE is a type, not seen in game before, and is unusable by players.
  6. LP Store will be selling Reward Crates, with each crate having a list of items inside. NOT RNG. New Ship Skins.
  7. Sites are time based once they are first entered, and once the timer completes, the site moves to a new deadspace area.

Overall, it sounds like a nice new feature for HiSec PvE. I’m looking forward to trying it out, and seeing what it is about.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #377

At the same time you need someone to protect ya due to the invading rats! Remember that the types of rats scale with the lvl of these zones, up to battleships!

(Vol Arm'OOO) #378

Looks basically like “instanced” versions of mining incursions. The game is already over flowing with isk - why do we need what is apparently a new ultra safe isk faucet?

Also, well designed pve in an open world game leads to player interaction and ultimately pvp. Conversely, poorly designed pve in an open world game is “instanced,” isolated and safe.

The idea that you can catch folk as they travel to and from the sites strikes me as hogwash. They warp in perfect safety from their citadel to the site and they leave the instanced site in perfect safety to land back at their citadel again in perfect safety. Maybe there is a slim chance to catch them at the site before they take the gate, but that strikes me as being just that, slim.

This whole idea of gated pve is just completely anti-openworld. Why am I not surprised that its is being introduced by this crew of devs?

(Vol Arm'OOO) #379

Eve has been losing more players then its been gaining. We are now down to 2006 numbers for current user logons. Eve was better off when ccp did nothing for the NPE. IMO everything they have done to soften the game to make it easier for new players has been counterproductive - because people do not come to eve for a soft game.

(Buoytender Bob) #380

Kind of humorous that the people who offer the most criticizing WITHOUT offering constructive ideas short of HTFU or git gud are apparently either forum alts or non PvP players themselves. At least the Goon and CODE pilots are engaging the topic under their main toons and willing to cite specific concerns and possible solutions.

If people think that EVE devs are the main cause of population drop due to their occasionally working on PvE, then quite frankly, they have no idea what they are talking about.

(Krima Sumyungi) #381

Actually, I think it boils down more to "hardcore pvp’ers "(snickersnortguffaw) turned nullsec into their own personal blue skinned carebear land, then think hi-sec should be the new null.

(Arrendis) #382

LOL. Yeah, ok.

(Tatiana Nixx) #383

Any chance on putting an object (beacon, collidable object, ect at warp in from gate to uncloak cloakies to reduce ganking chances? And making the only way to warp in is by the gate?

I’m just so sick of people trying to ruin other’s fun in this game. If this content is intended to help noobies, this would be a pearl of a great price.

(Buoytender Bob) #384

just drop a can or two of junk on the inside and you’re golden (or at least that particular concern is lessened)

(Sgt Ocker) #385

OK… Once more (and for the last time).

They don’t have to warp anywhere, the NPC FC warped them to the site with the miners - Gankers are already in the site - AS PART OF THE FLEET…

Dearest Pedro, I hope this is clear enough for you to understand…

LOL… Resource wars are a complete unknown - They are not like normal highsec missions, each part of it is available to everyone (open to the public - awoxers, gankers are part of that public) and no the game is not stacked in the favour of mission runners (not sure what a “defender” in highsec is). Concord will only “react” AFTER a crime has been committed.
One of the reasons mission runners etc in highsec are “safe” is due to the sheer size of highsec - This new content Devs are working on will make that universe much smaller when it comes to finding potential for non-consensual pvp - All of it will be “advertised”, all you need to do is go there and potential targets are lined up for you.

(Nevyn Auscent) #386

Take your Faction BS into lowsec and Awox people with a shinier BS then.
That’s what awoxing was actually founded on and got known for. The origins of Awoxing are nothing to do with HS at all, and that’s why it’s no longer great, because people have been misapplying the term and the use.

It doesn’t produce significant isk, if anything it will be an isk sink with the LP store. Also you obviously have never seen mining barges or orca’s aligning to take a gate or you would know how slow they are. And if a group has a Citadel operating in a system, WAR DEC THEM! At that point they aren’t hiding in an NPC corp and you have other options to shut them down. Also please prove that the NPE changes are what is killing EVE rather than the global market and the loss of the middle class.

(yellow parasol) #387

i fail to see the problem. so there will be people running ganking alts in these fleets, killing the fleets. to me, you come across as someone who thinks it would be a mass phenomenon affecting everyone, because there are thousands of griefers who will do it. in a time where suicide ganking and awoxing is on an all-time low, because most who’d care have left already. that’s unreasonable.

could you please elaborate? i’m possibly missing something.

(Sgt Ocker) #388

I don’t think it will be too common but maybe had you read more than just the single post you would have seen what it was I was trying to explain to Poor little Pedro.

He believes this content will be gank proof, I only pointed out how wrong he is.

This is Eve, if someone wants to grief they will find a way. Good thing about Resource Wars will be that for those interested in disrupting others the content is open and advertised to all, which would make it easier to find your prey…

(Abyss Azizora) #389

“YOU” may have come here to be a PVP villian, most of us came here for just fun spaceship shenanigans in general. Some of us don’t want to be spaceship dickheads, imagine that.