Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


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(Black Pedro) #391

As I directly addressed above no one will do this. It is far too much effort to grind standing on gank alts just to shoot some random miner. Maybe some joker will pop a Venture in a low-tier site once in a while, but the top-tier sites that require hours and hours of grinding to just get into will be left alone by gankers or wardeccers. Anyone hunting someone in one of those will find it much more time- and cost- effective to try to catch them entering or leaving the site. And even if you did try to grind standings and gank as part of the fleet, you would quickly find that the other people in the site will warp off when you roll up with multiple “friendlies” in gank ships with active killrights and bounties on them.

It’s fine to have safer space in the game. I am not sure why you are so worked up about this. Just don’t pretend that you are at any real risk while in them from the other players. We haven’t seen the details, so maybe the new-AI controlled NPCs will serve as real risk or even open a window for a dedicated AWOXer to help the pirates (although I doubt this as this feature is an attempt to build a space for cooperative play and any such loophole that subverts that goal will be promptly patched out by CCP). But it is clear from what we know people in the sites are completely safe from the typical highsec casual violence perpetrated by the few remaining highsec antagonists.

I find it amusing when people who have clearly never committed a criminal act or hunted another player run around screaming that the sky is falling and people will get ganked with every new feature. There is not a ganker behind every asteroid in highsec and even if you are lucky enough to find one, doing almost anything will prevent them from hurting you. Unless you make yourself a very lucrative target to draw the interest of a professional organized group looking to take your stuff and brute force the punitive engagement mechanics with numbers, you are all but safe.

These sites are designed to be good at getting new players to group up and cooperate with other players, and bad at putting them in conflict with others, supporting PvP or driving competition. That’s fine as part of a NPE strategy but isn’t the conflict driver this game sorely needs. That’s ok, as there is other new PvE coming like FOBs and revamped events that possibly will serve this purpose.

How about you wait until we see the devblog on the other new PvE content before claiming the next expansion is going to be some sort of ganking massacre that is going to drive all the new players away? These are going to be some of, if not the safest sites in the game. Let’s hope CCP remembers that and the idea of risk vs. reward when they set the payouts and not fall to the temptation to over-reward them (like Incursions are) so more players do them and they can claim their new feature as a success.

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I am enjoying a life of industry, missions and exploration in a very casual and fun way that keeps me coming back to the game, am I a villain yet?

Are you… a Real Villain?
Have you ever caught a good guy? like a, like a real carebear?
Have you ever ganked a hauler?
Alright! I can see, that I will have to teach you, how to be Villains!

(Tipa Riot) #393

Don’t ridicule yourself … this is for new players, there are much easier ways to gank people than in these sites. Nevertheless I can think about a couple of things to mess with. Let’s see.

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i’ve clicked the link to LAGL.

May i, in your own interest, suggest you try not to piss off the wrong kind of people? think about it. you publicly dec,are you have enough money for a marshall, which you reallyreallyreally want. people will gank you, to punish your behaviour towards them, if you don’t stop behaving like someone who doesn’t understand that running a big mouth will get your ship removed from under your ass.

it’s not a threat. it’s a friendly warning. you’re making mistakes and they will haunt you.

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Alright, I’m sorry, was just trying to poke around that’s all, not really trying to offend anybody, I just find funny when people come up with their opinions of what they find fun and try to enforce it on others. So again, I apologise.

Though I honestly wouldn’t care if the Marshal was a goner, I mean, isn’t the undock button a “I agree that this ship will die” button? Not that I have the Isk or anything to care little, been playing for so little and just now got to 1 bill without spending it in mission ships. If it blows up it lived its purpose as any other ship in EvE, and I already had put my Enforcer on the line once to come out in a stalemate. If any of those ships die the further it motivates me to play the game to get another one, which will further improve over time my methods of grabbing isk with what I enjoy doing.

What fun would the game be without a bit of adrenaline every now and then?

Speaking of adrenaline, I do wonder how difficult these resource wars will be the higher the lvl goes, I doubt miners alone can fend off battleship rats.

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My question about the hundreds of billions was serious, btw.

miners, in skiffs especially, can pack a serious punch with battleship level tanks. combine that with spidertanking, or logi, it’s a beast!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #397

Oh… My reply was a gag, sorry, it was just how hyped I am about it and hopefully will get there till Winter :sweat_smile: I honestly, seriously speaking, only got about 1 bil

But how many battleships will there be tho? I am really looking forward for the release of this to see if it will really be needed to have someone intentionally in a combat ship to protect the miners to really give that sense of cooperative play between miners and others, as well as to wonder how that would work in a place where the objective is to full up a hauler ASAP

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now i wonder… what if i bump the hauler off, or outright blow it up?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #399

I reckon it will be one of those NPC haulers, but work like the ships in SoE, the ones you cannot bump at all. But that’s just a guess.

(yellow parasol) #400

i’ll find out soon enough… :blush:

(Nevyn Auscent) #401

Wow… you are complaining that gankers A: will have to do a little work to gank inside these sites. And B: That people who are alert and warp off the second they see gankers of grid are hard to gank…
Is this the level of effort gankers do these days, no wonder ganking is down if so…

(Chii'leck Hudson) #402

I think the best solution is to allow all ships into the sites (keeping size restrictions of course)…but make payout depend on having proper standings as well as maybe restrict it to the first N players into the site.

That way if you are hunting WTs/gank/do other shenanigans you can without having to grind standings as well.

So like example: You need standings be one of the first people into a Lvl 1 site and contribute to it to get the standing bump and payout. You want to be a dick and hang out doing nothing…fine but you aren’t getting paid or getting standings. Maybe add an effect so you can see who is actually a valid person in the site.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #403

That is what they are doing… Rewards are based on contribution.

The real question though, is how difficult will the invading rats be the higher the lvl of the mission, I for one would like to spice up this activity from mining to protecting miners with a BS or something in the later lvls

(Black Pedro) #404

I’m not complaining about anything. I’m just trying to make it clear these will be the safest PvE sites in the game, not newbie gank slaughter houses as has been claimed several times in this thread.

This is fine by me. There should be safer and more dangerous PvE for players to choose from. These sites will be extremely safe and therefore ganking will be very rare in them. That is just a fact and completely CCPs intention.

(Chii'leck Hudson) #405

That is what they are doing… Rewards are based on contribution.

Except for the part about locking the sites based on max number of pilots and standings locked gates. I’m suggesting let anyone enter any site as long as their ship matches the gate restriction.

Sure you might get 100 people in some sites but only the first N people with the right standings and contribution get paid.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #406

Then its pointless to unlock the site if it only grants rewards to some people, right? Not to mention that according to CCP these sites will only last Minutes, so to reach that many people not only it has to be a very populated system but it also needs to last long enough for people to be interested to go inside.

(Tipa Riot) #407

Actually this is the point I do not understand yet and devs are silent about … how do the right people come together in time for each site without the need for an Incursion level organization overhead.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #408

Now That is a good question that I too want clarified.

Someone did clarify before that these sites can be used by new players to learn, they can easily group up by just talking to their fellow corp members, but also other corps can use them to try and coordinate operations and stuff or whatever, so only time will tell I guess.

(Chii'leck Hudson) #409

Then its pointless to unlock the site if it only grants rewards to some people, right?

No not pointless at all.

Corp A is at war with Corp B.
Corp A has standings with the resource war corporation.
Corp A is foolishly mining while at war with Corp B.

If the mining happens at a current asteroid belt or ore anomaly, Corp B can find Corp A’s members and potentially shoot them.

Corp A is mining in the new resource war site.

As it stands Corp A can lock the site by filling it up, or unless Corp B has also been grinding resource war sites they are locked by standings out of the site. Basically a free instance .