DI-Tron Heavy industries is recruiting! All the dudes :)

Atlas alliance has moved to Fountain! and DI-Tron are looking to Recruit.

We are looking for,

1, Mature players
2, Active and self motivated players
3, New and old players who want to enjoy the great game we love, and chill with good company.
4, No Drama, sorry but drama queens are not welcome.
5, Capitol pilots. yes we have them, yes we use them.

All player styles welcome, indi, exploration dudes, new bros, PVP, allll the peoples.

DTHI is a 0.0 entity corp and are rebuilding atlas alliance. We take a laid back approach on PvP, with no mandatory fleet ops or kills per month, our top priority is to ensure players are having fun. We currently reside in the Fountain region as we rebuild the once mighty atlas alliance.

With our old age we have brought in a various amount of experienced players. From Alliance/Coalition FCs to Super cap pilots. We have members who can help new players out with anything they set their minds to. We want new bros to feel they can come here to learn, grow and call this corp their home aswell as old players to come and once again enjoy the finer things in eve like a laid back corp and fellow bitter vets. We are predominately US/EU timezone corp in a US/EU tz alliance.

To join you must have access to Mumble and discord, a drive to play the game, and thick skin. We like to laugh and make jokes. If you are easily offended you may not enjoy our company. Alpha clones are not accepted…

If we interest you reach out to Lunarstorm95, Commander Insignia ,SuPPrisE Ambraelle and feel free join our public channel Di-Tron and chat with us!

still looking for chill dudes. in it for the fun!

I fully endorse this product and/or service

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