Diamond Blood Raiders - is there a Sotiyo?

Last week, Diamond Blood Raiders showed up in my losec system and proceeded to remove the shields from all the POS’s in the system. They have frigates, Cruisers and Battleships wandering around as well as a mining fleet. I have never had to deal with Blood Raiders before since I live in Lone Trek.

I tried pestering their mining fleet in the hopes it would run back to their station but it repeatedly warps to a random safe spot - sometimes with support fighters, sometimes not. Attacking them at their safe spot just sends them to another safe spot.

I also tried taking out their loader in hopes the whole fleet would despawn after reboot but all that happened was that a new loader spawned.

So I was wondering if repeatedly harassing the miners is the only hope of finding the Sotiyo?

And if I do happen to find its location, What would I do with the information? I was thinking that selling it to the highest bidder would be an option, since I haven’t the DPS to take out a diamond Sotiyo myself. Or can I sell the system location to a corporation and let them find the Sotiyo themselves?

Any thoughts on this?

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Yes, there is a Sotiyo somewhere in that LS system.

Diamond rats don’t just spawn randomly, and you indicated it is in LS so it can’t be a FOB.

Happy hunting! Hear those things do drop some good loot going to need a sizeable fleet.

Hopefully this will help…


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FOBs in LS space!? News to me.

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