Did they get rid of the death noise

i just biomassed a couple of useless alts and it didnt make the death noise

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Check your sound.

Please say they didn’t!

maybe it was too triggering for sjws


My only regret is that I have no more accounts to unsubscribe.

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Obligatory… EVE has sound??? :open_mouth::thinking:


confirming biomass sound still in game, check your audio settings

[REQ] unsubs can’t post on forums, only true alphas and subbed omegas.

An Alpha is unsubbed though. Quelza’s biomassed too. I think if I ever log out of the forums this character will disappear.

opinion of definition. having unsubscribed a paying account vs never having been subscribed.

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Oh I see what you mean now.

But I’m glad to hear the noise hasn’t been touched. Sometimes I’ll create a character in the morning and then reward myself with a biomassing or two when I get home from work.


must be my sound settings i will make some characters to biomass later

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seek counseling


if you can’t get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere

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